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  1. Cyder91

    Steve Prohm

    Don't like robinson? Why?
  2. Cyder91

    Signing Day Thread

    After this past week and @CyTwins crystal ball, I am shifting all 401k investments over to Blackwell Stock.
  3. Cyder91

    Hawk Fan Reactions to XF Announcement

    That whole ANF thing while bringing attention farmers is just a university athletic department continuing trying to market their products to Iowans; trying to tug at peoples heartstrings of the traditional iowa profession. When Hayden instituted it the farm crisis was going on. In recent years...
  4. Cyder91

    Hawk Fan Reactions to XF Announcement

    You are working this very well but way to much.....TOE isn't in the state of iowa, it is in a state of Denial! Your unarguable stats will not matter to them.
  5. Cyder91

    Hawk Fan Reactions to XF Announcement

    You've got to be effing kidding me! SMH
  6. Cyder91

    Hawk Fan Reactions to XF Announcement

    Of course he will be a better player,,,....typical HOK spin.
  7. Cyder91

    STAFF PICKS: Xavier Foster

    It's been 7 minutes!
  8. Cyder91

    STAFF PICKS: Xavier Foster

    IS these hello or goodbyes?
  9. Cyder91

    STAFF PICKS: Xavier Foster nailed it! Exactly how feel about the the whole thing. Especially the bold.
  10. Cyder91

    STAFF PICKS: Xavier Foster

    I don't need an update every hour either.....I'll just check back every 90 minutes until monday.
  11. Cyder91

    STAFF PICKS: Xavier Foster

    I only wish I could give two ratings at once on this: one for agree and one for funny!
  12. Cyder91

    STAFF PICKS: Xavier Foster

    this guy must be a HOK troll hoping for the XF commit. You .just signed up today on CF. Also-my comment had nothing to do with specifically with information about XF and recruits. Te post was response to the OP who commented how much closer to the athletic programs the Cyclone fanatic...
  13. Cyder91

    STAFF PICKS: Xavier Foster

    Everyone give CF their due......CW and Stanz and the other guys have a great relationship and have done very good for us ISU fans.
  14. Cyder91

    STAFF PICKS: Xavier Foster

    Yeah, Prohm's not a great recruiter if he gets XF as a post player, picking a guy and forcing him to work within a system rather than developing systems around the players you recruited makes perfect sense to me.......
  15. Cyder91

    STAFF PICKS: Xavier Foster

    Look at it this way.....the family has kept their secret very well and a good part of XF's secrecy is due to his parents great guidance. I applaud them on how well they have helped keep things in check until the final reveal. As a parent and as a player I am sure they are looking at where his...
  16. Cyder91

    Luke Anderson and Marcedus Leech have entered the transfer portal

    I haven't read through all the posts on this yet but the timing of this seems positive with XF coming to the game tomorrow night. Was there already a scholly available for him?
  17. Cyder91

    STAFF PICKS: Xavier Foster

    Those in attendance tomorrow night better make Hilton rock!
  18. Cyder91

    Tough day for EIU hoops hopes

    And once that game is over, he will return to a medical redshirt for the remainder of the season.
  19. Cyder91

    RECRUITING: Xavier Foster recaps official visit to Iowa State

    Honestly.......have you ever seen any of our basketball coaches do this to our players (Eustachy excluded) in recent history? I just can't fathom this kind of behavior...especially when Mad Fran knows the crowd, Dolphy and the broadcast cameras are watching his every move during a game! I am...