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  1. cdface

    Massive explosion in Beirut

    Live feed of damaged area.
  2. cdface

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    Same thing happens with rape claims. Just because a tiny few claims end up being false, it makes some people distrust ANY claim by default. I'm going to guess there's a lot of Venn diagram overlap between these two types of folks.
  3. cdface

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

  4. cdface

    Misc: Mike Tyson v Roy Jones Jr

    is that the splits dude?
  5. cdface

    Post Positive Stuff Here

  6. cdface

    COVID-19 Unemployed/Employed Roll Call Poll

    Just thought I would mention that we are hiring for a position in our group at UIHC. Due to a retirement and the unfortunate onset of the COVID pandemic, you might even say we are in desperate need, lol. If you are needing a job (or just a change) and have experience with anything related to...
  7. cdface

    Poll: Have you been tested for COVID-19?

    tested Monday, with the nasal swab at UIHC. didn't think it hurt much really, more just a discomfort for a few seconds (my dad said the same thing, but he got tested in Boone). got the result over MyChart after ~6 hours.
  8. cdface

    Mi-Fiber vs CenturyLink

    never heard of Mi Fiber until today. is CL doing fiber all the way to the house now? we have fiber to the neighborhood and get 55Mbps pretty consistently on the Ookla speed test. i don't think copper phone line can carry much more than that, but i would definitely take more speed if i could get...
  9. cdface

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    SIAP, but what is the incentive for an active player to be honest in this scenario, when there is zero expectation that KF will face any consequences regardless? It can only come back and hurt you when someone leaks your opinion to Coach. If this had been a proper investigation with an...
  10. cdface

    College Football Season Death Pool

    Aug 10
  11. cdface

    TV antenna question

    interesting ionospheric action, maybe?
  12. cdface

    What are you drinking tonight?

    Big Grove Arms Race. one of my local go-to's.
  13. cdface

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

  14. cdface

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    i'm two days behind on this thread, so apologies if someone already replied to this, but holy hell: are you saying that Wadley can't forge his own way in a career in Iowa without the football team's help? because i can't help but think when you say "these athletes" that you really just mean...
  15. cdface

    Tire recommendation needed

    Last three sets of tires on my various vehicles have all been Hankook. I have no complaints, and the cost is right in between the low ends and the Michelins of the world. Handling in the snow has always been acceptable. I also like my Nokians before that -- probably a bit better in snow...
  16. cdface

    I lost my job

    UIHC isn't hiring anyone for at least 3 months, but you might keep an eye on the university or on Engie, the French energy/utility company that was contracted to run everything for the university. it would mean a move to Hok Land for you and your family, but there are a lot more Cyclone...
  17. cdface

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    but when COVID strikes, we employees have to take a paycut....
  18. cdface

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    your daughter in the bikini approves :cool:
  19. cdface

    Two More Hawkeye Suspensions Looming?

    NecroTwins with the TKO!
  20. cdface

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    With the fine folks like Brodie0 and johnnydognuts doing the heavy lifting for them for free, why would they put themselves out there at all?