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  1. cyclonpediaJoe

    Help! I'm Fat

    I hear you! You feel like Stretch Armstrong's nemesis lol
  2. cyclonpediaJoe

    Help! I'm Fat

    Oh man! That hurts. There's also a lot of rehab videos on youtube, but if you are in a spot where you don't have a ton of movement, that's hard.
  3. cyclonpediaJoe

    Help! I'm Fat

    Just got done with a PR for the year of 4 miles on a run over lunch. Also got in 3x10 on some basic lifting stuff. Recently moved to Norwalk and trying to get a good start with a new start.
  4. cyclonpediaJoe

    Help! I'm Fat

    Man, I hurt myself doing plyo boxes a couple years ago. Took up interval training with yoga. For me, a 5'10, 200 lb, non flexible, kind of athletic dude, this was perfect. The interval training is low impact, mid cardio, high rep training. I went to Power Life coming off of a back surgery. Might...
  5. cyclonpediaJoe

    Top 5 Favorite Movies

    What are your top 5 all time favorite movies? 1: Stand by Me 2: Blair Witch Project 3: The Big Lebowski 4: Dazed and Confused 5: Roadhouse
  6. cyclonpediaJoe

    Game worn, autographed shorts

    It's a cool memory for the time, but 100% agree.
  7. cyclonpediaJoe

    Game worn, autographed shorts

    You have to figure the person is trying to get $100, tops.
  8. cyclonpediaJoe

    Big 12 Bowl news...

    ISU plays there in 2021 :-)
  9. cyclonpediaJoe

    Best Places To Live Near DSM?

    We just moved to Norwalk with a new construction and love the neighborhood. People have been super friendly and it is going to be easy to get settled.
  10. cyclonpediaJoe

    Best Places To Live Near DSM?

    I grew up in Martensdale so I'm covered, barely.
  11. cyclonpediaJoe

    What's streaming that's good TV/movies - Covid-19 edition

    The Stanger on Netflix is binge able.
  12. cyclonpediaJoe

    Whas has happened to Pace Extra Mild Salsa?

    Also, bring back Doritos 3ds. Just in case you get in touch with the right people.
  13. cyclonpediaJoe

    Friday OT - I Got A Big Backyard

    Same here.
  14. cyclonpediaJoe

    Full Court (Im)Press: Restaurant Group Crushing It in Tough Times

    I believe that was right around the time Johnnys remodeled too. Downtown was a rough place for a long time. When Bait Shop and High Life came around, they became destinations. The last real rough bar I can remember down there was the building before it was Barcadium. They do a nice job having...
  15. cyclonpediaJoe

    Friday OT #2 - The Modern Stone-Age Family

    Dinosaur times would be awesome. I would need a Prius to get away from them though.
  16. cyclonpediaJoe

    ***2020 Concert Thread***

    Just saw Korn and Breaking Benjamin in CR last weekend. Glorious Sons just announced Woolys in March. Have Rage tickets in KC the next weekend. Guthrie River Ruckus always. Wilco at Waterworks.
  17. cyclonpediaJoe

    Friday OT - Dear Abby

    Dear CF, We have a 10 month old son who has been at daycare since 4 months. He has had 2 double ear infections, pink eye, RSV, bronchiolitis, stomach flu, several colds with temeperatures. Taking him out of day care has been eating up our time off at work. Those who have been through this...
  18. cyclonpediaJoe

    Super Bowl Party Food thread

    Charcoal grilling brats. Thinly slicing pineapple and jalapeno to put in the bun with them.
  19. cyclonpediaJoe

    Dave Chappelle coming to Stephens Auditorium Jan. 28

    Yep! I happened to be off of work, sick, that day and got 2nd row tickets. Was actually underwhelmed at his set. Same with Tom Segura when he was at the Funny Bone a few years back. Iliza Schelzinger(sp) is the most recent one we've seen who has killed it.
  20. cyclonpediaJoe

    Calling all Horror Movie Fans: Favorites and Open Discussion

    Recent watches: Midsommar-So good! My favorite movie of 2019. Had some visually stunning sequences. Antrum-The tagline is the last movie you will ever watch. Follows in the footsteps of The Ring while doing it's own thing. Polariod-Terrible Clinton Road-Terrible Haunt-Movie about a group of...