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  1. Gordyo5

    NFL: NFL Survivor Game Week 1

    I will start with the 2021 Super Bowl Champs. Circle Em Week 1: Buffalo
  2. Gordyo5

    Irregardless of what you think, “irregardless” is a word

    Literally reminded me of this clip from Newsroom
  3. Gordyo5

    *** Coronavirus Mafia ***

    Gordy is innocent, but serves just as well. Would have been clapped today as I just remembered to check. I apologize folks I thought with all this time I’d be a much more involved player, but seems my days are just crazier now. Sorry CyFan and thanks for running the game. Good luck innos.
  4. Gordyo5

    *** Coronavirus Mafia ***

    See if we can at least avoid a runaway vote Arob
  5. Gordyo5

    *** Coronavirus Mafia ***

    Tuesday was my birthday and sadly with very little work and not much else to do, I started drinking with “brunch”. Completely forgot about the game.
  6. Gordyo5

    *** Coronavirus Mafia ***

    not too many theories, but ultimately with only 1? mafia left, I am guessing they are sitting just letting the innos eat their own.
  7. Gordyo5

    *** Coronavirus Mafia ***

    I have not had the sanitizer yet
  8. Gordyo5

    *** Coronavirus Mafia ***

    No idea Vote Cy$
  9. Gordyo5

    *** Coronavirus Mafia ***

    Really is a crapshoot still so it is Vote DSMCY
  10. Gordyo5

    *** Coronavirus Mafia ***

    Sorry I missed yesterday folk, looks like it was a wild ride there are the end. Count me in the camp of thinking it is either someone new or someone that isn't new.... Really makes you think
  11. Gordyo5

    *** Coronavirus Mafia ***

    and by 2 I meant 3 letters in fan....
  12. Gordyo5

    *** Coronavirus Mafia ***

    The Bills fan in me has got this figured out. Bills play in New York (the only ones that do), New York is pretty sick right now. Bills got Diggs from the Viking and that was pretty sick. Meaning it all started with the Vikings and specifically VikesFan22 (22-2 (letters in fan) and we have...
  13. Gordyo5

    COVID-19 Mafia Signup Thread

    Nothing else to do, I'm back and I'm in
  14. Gordyo5

    Better Call Saul

    Always forget how great this show is. I could watch entire episodes of Jimmy just being Saul. Can't wait to watch him go full "Magic Man" this season.
  15. Gordyo5


    Could not agree more, quite possibly the best episode of television I ever watched.
  16. Gordyo5

    *** Mafia Sign-Up Thread: THE MANDALORIAN ***

    Been a long time, but sure I'll be in.
  17. Gordyo5

    Star Wars episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker

    I did not catch that "I Know" part of your spoiler, which has always been a favorite of mine from the originals. Makes me like this one even more. I really did enjoy it, obviously there are always plot holes and they really packed this one full of stuff. Really wish Abrams would have done all...
  18. Gordyo5

    Star Wars episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker

    Got my tickets for 8:00, can't let my students spoil this one like they did TFA. Expectations are mediocre. Pretty sure I'll enjoy it like I do all of them, but not expecting anything amazing, which is what I have felt about almost every Star Wars movie (minus Rouge One, it was amazing).
  19. Gordyo5

    OT: Watchmen on HBO

    I can get behind that and I did like how she just matter of factly told her she was right. It was just the trap door and her having to click it 4 times with no reaction from Laurie even after it dropped a couple inches. I'm not going to let a few minor details take away from the greatness of...
  20. Gordyo5

    OT: Watchmen on HBO

    This season has been awesome. I think the last episode wasn't quite on par with the rest of the season. A couple of the reveals were fantastic, especially Cal at the end. The whole scene with Jane and Lori just felt off. Hard for every episode to be perfect but they have been close. Can't...