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  1. RING4CY

    *** WBB at Houston (Wed., 7:00) ***

    Audi Crooks is going to be so good that opposing fan bases are going to be annoyed she's still around in four years. Much like how opposing fan bases were annoyed having to face Georges Niang multiple times a year for four years.
  2. RING4CY

    What is this

    If you are a donor with lots and lots and lots of money, you can donate to have titles renamed. Take Stanford football for example. Head coach is the Bradford M. Freeman Director of Football Offensive coordinator is the Andrew Luck Director of Offense Quarterbacks coach is Kevin M. Hogan...
  3. RING4CY

    Hy-Vee's weirdest business decision yet?

    I recently shopped at Hy-Vee for the first time in years. I can't quite explain what caused it, but the shopping experience there was overwhelming. A grocery shopping experience, especially for just a few items on sale, shouldn't be overwhelming.
  4. RING4CY

    Brock's endorsement deal

    New mission in life: Get Brock Purdy to autograph my Camry and Rav4.
  5. RING4CY

    Don’t storm the court when you’re a ranked team beating a ranked team

    A lot of people go to college for seven years.
  6. RING4CY

    49ers - Brock Purdy - Still and Always #1

    The Amy Trask take is something else. It's lazy and uninformed. Knocking on Purdy because of the talent around him? Jared Goff has Amon-Ra St. Brown, Sam LaPorta, Jahmyr Gibbs, and David Montgomery on the offensive side of the ball. Aidan Hutchinson and the No. 2 rush defense on the defensive...
  7. RING4CY

    We Will Pizza!

    If this one at least doesn't happen with all the NIL that has already come from it, then it's all a failure.
  8. RING4CY

    Worst Movies Ever

    Twister isn't that great of a movie, but Philip Seymour Hoffman is so damn good in it.
  9. RING4CY

    KXNO Morning show

    I'd have to go back and listen again to get specifics on what their beef was, but I do remember they said they didn't like some things Cyclone fans were posting on social media about the Iowa-Nebraska game the day before.
  10. RING4CY

    KXNO Morning show

    Go listen to the first segment on the Monday show after the Iowa State-Kansas State snow game. Travis straight up admitted he brought up the game so he could ***** about Cyclone fans and how some of them conducted themselves on social media that weekend, and Ross admitted he found himself...
  11. RING4CY

    NFL: ***2023 San Francisco 49ers***

  12. RING4CY

    NFL: ***2023 San Francisco 49ers***

    I feel like I'm cheating on the Bears when cheering for the 49ers as a whole and not just Purdy, but they've treated me so poorly all my life, I'm using that as justification for this football fan affair.
  13. RING4CY

    NFL: ***2023 San Francisco 49ers***

    This 49ers team as a whole is so fun to watch.
  14. RING4CY

    NFL: ***2023 San Francisco 49ers***

    Horrible spot by the official. That ball was past the first down line when caught at the high point.
  15. RING4CY

    NFL: ***2023 San Francisco 49ers***

    Win or lose, but if particularly if the 49ers hold on to win, absolutely keep the emotions in check post-game. Eagles lose a game of this magnitude at home and they'll be emotionally heated after the game.
  16. RING4CY

    NFL: ***2023 San Francisco 49ers***

    That response by the 49ers to quiet Eagles crowd again was HUGE.
  17. RING4CY

    BOWL: Liberty Bowl vs Memphis Dec 29

    No, not in the sense of literally playing an opponent in their home stadium, but playing someone three hours from their home wouldn't be exciting then or today.
  18. RING4CY

    BOWL: Liberty Bowl vs Memphis Dec 29

    Not to mention playing Rutgers in New York and TCU in Houston.
  19. RING4CY

    BOWL: Liberty Bowl vs Memphis Dec 29

    With the soft non-con every team in the SEC plays, there's no reason every team in that conference shouldn't be bowl eligible.