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  1. CySmurf

    Alien Message

    We come in go in pieces.
  2. CySmurf

    Thoughts for CW...

    Oh my God, he's worse off than we thought! :)
  3. CySmurf

    Thoughts for CW...

    Do you have enough toilet paper? Prayers for you! :)
  4. CySmurf

    Thoughts for CW...

    I'm looking at it like you're Chuck Norris and Covid19 has to self quarantine for 14 days because it came down with Chris Williams! :) Speedy recovery Chris!
  5. CySmurf

    Just when i think i can’t love him more

    It is...oh, they may be using words like Matt and Campbell... ...but we know it means Fred and Hoiberg.
  6. CySmurf

    Tee shirt Idea for Iowa Fans
  7. CySmurf

    Who would be the best next Coach?

  8. CySmurf

    [For Sale] Hilton Flooring

    Sell off a 2 ft x 2 ft section for $500.00 each. (Or whatever the University thinks people would buy it for. How much money would they make?
  9. CySmurf

    2 ISU FB players have Coronavirus

    No, they're Catholic. ;-)
  10. CySmurf

    Both Gach Transfer Target

    We need a sarcasm button for things just like this.
  11. CySmurf

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    She thinks her son is a Heisman Trophy candidate...
  12. CySmurf

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

  13. CySmurf

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    Will Barta be there??? Where in the hell has this guy been hiding throughout all of this? What do they pay this simpleton for? This is his job. JFC.
  14. CySmurf

    Jack Trice

    I'm not sure how much of that history resonates with today's black athletes though. It's more important that Coach Campell and staff create an atmosphere that's welcoming and inclusive to today's black athletes and their concerns.
  15. CySmurf

    Iowa's Next Football Coach

    Maryland isn't that strange from a tv viewership standpoint. Way more TV sets in Maryland/Northeast than Iowa State/Midwest. That's the ultimate selling point.
  16. CySmurf

    Iowa's Next Football Coach

    Art Briles. (God help us all.)
  17. CySmurf

    Noah Biglow DeCommits! (S***)

    Better than Prentiss...not as good as McGee.
  18. CySmurf

    Justin Smith

    I think if we could add this guy with the Jesus Christ recruit we apparently got...things are looking up! ;-)
  19. CySmurf

    Big 12 Bowl news...

    Arid Extra Dry Deodorant Bowl