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  1. Peter

    Children of the 90's: Surge or Jolt?

    Anyone remember the CD?
  2. Peter

    Ouch, Coach Patterson ...

    I don't really understand the context. To me, the tweet reads like he was upset at a player for using the N-word, then used the N-word to clarify that he hadn't called the player the N-word.
  3. Peter

    MLB season on the verge of shutting down.

    First the Marlins, then the Phillies, now the Cardinals. Manfred threatening time pull the plug. Don’t think sports can happen without a well insulated bubble. Enjoy it while it lasts...
  4. Peter

    KO Inks 1 Year Deal w Chiefs

    Good for him. Hope he can still play for years in the league if he wants to. Crazy how short NFL careers last. Couple years ago he was considered on of the top LTs in the game. Glad he got that huge contract from the raiders but wonder how much cash he actually got out of the deal.
  5. Peter

    I’m so sorry I just saw this. Thanks for reaching out. Hope your work situation has somehow...

    I’m so sorry I just saw this. Thanks for reaching out. Hope your work situation has somehow improved since January. I got lucky and am working from home most of the week and my boss has calmed the **** down since COVID hit. Anyway, hope you are well. Thanks again.
  6. Peter

    Worst ISU Football Team You've Watched

    I guess I’m one of the only people on here old enough to remember 0-10-1. The most god awful football I’ve ever seen. It started with a not even competitive home loss to UNI and spiraled from there. Lost all our non cons including a devastating loss to Iowa and then got shellacked in conference...
  7. Peter

    Redskins Yes or no

    The logo is WAY less offensive than Cheif Wahoo, but the name needs to go. In a year or two, no one will even remember.
  8. Peter

    Official: Haliburton Declares for Draft:

    dear god. I’d feel bad for TH getting involved in that train wreck. Maybe their new GM can breath life back into the franchise but that’s got to be one of the worst places to play in the NBA.
  9. Peter

    What's Your Most Prized Cyclone Possession?

    The shrunken head of Hayden Fry.
  10. Peter

    MLB: Happy Bobby Bonilla Day!

    Ah yes, Bonds before he ballooned on steroids. Dude's game was completely different.
  11. Peter

    KState players speaking out and might boycott?

    Mocking a victim of police brutality isn't racist? GTFO. And the athletes are not "suppressing" free speech. They just aren't going to play if this guy is allowed to remain on campus, which is perfectly within their rights.
  12. Peter

    "Playing for Iowa Football was a living nightmare"

    I don't see how either Ferentz keeps his job after all of this. Buh-bye!
  13. Peter

    KState players speaking out and might boycott?

    Clearly you are more trouble by black students standing up to a racist on campus than actual racism on campus.
  14. Peter

    KState players speaking out and might boycott?

    well I guess it’s free speech vs free speech then. We will see which voices Kstate chooses to listen to.
  15. Peter

    KState players speaking out and might boycott?

    don’t know what Dave Chapelle has to do with any of this but you obviously think it’s acceptable for a student to mock George Floyd. KSU student athletes also have free speech which seems to bother you. It seems like a student refusing to play football is more troubling to you than a student...
  16. Peter

    KState players speaking out and might boycott?

    First amendment protects you from being arrested by the state, not kicked out of school for being a racist *****. Should taxpayer money be spent to supplement this guys education? I don’t think so.
  17. Peter

    KState players speaking out and might boycott?

    you’ve completely missed the point. Black students are leveraging what little power they have to stand up to racism on their campus. Everyone should support that.
  18. Peter

    KState players speaking out and might boycott?

    14231"]Sure, so no students can do any stand-up comedy that is at all edgy or pokes fun at anyone, even groups they themselves belong to, ( i mean jeff foxworthy is about as family friendly as you can get for a major comedian and he is constantly making fun of rednecks, im sure some one was...
  19. Peter

    Burglars get rough justice - debunked but STILL...

    If you feel the need to sodomize someone who broke into your house there is definitely something wrong inside your head.