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  1. LarryISU

    Worst Fruit?

    YES!!!! We had sugar kiss cantaloupe in Mississippi, it is like eating candy! OMG I wish we could get them here in the North. Besides, why do we care the opinion of someone who has no sense of smell or taste (CW)?
  2. LarryISU


    So, my ex-wife should have carved "Jim, Bill, Ronnie, Dave and Troy" in a tree in our backyard. That way I could have known what she had been up to. Is that a good comparison?
  3. LarryISU

    Pat Forde says B1G unsure about fall football

    Here in Huskerland, talk radio is saying screw the B1G, we're playin'!
  4. LarryISU

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    I'm not sure who Ryan Moon is that CyTwins referenced above, but his point is what I have really noted about this whole situation. People like Brodie or Triangle are not just inexplicable outliers. They actually represent almost the entire fan base that just sees this as an exaggerated nuisance...
  5. LarryISU

    Ticket Renewal

    I just signed in, no problem. Can't really do anything other than I did update my phone numbers. But it says you can't buy tickets, or even look at your tickets.
  6. LarryISU

    [Committed] '21 CB 6'3" Winsome Frazier

    Another win for Iowa State!!!! We do, after all, winsome! Frazier joins Deon Silas from Florida, to go along with TJ Tampa, Michael Antoine, Aidan Bitter, Ar"Quel Smith and Anthony Smith who are all Florida freshmen this season. FL is giving us some good ones! Thought we used to recruit by...
  7. LarryISU

    How do you take your cob

    Pull back the husks, butter and season the corn, then put the husks back down, wrap in foil and grill. The butter really soaks through the whole ear.
  8. LarryISU

    Who do we Replace Iowa WIth?

    So, did the B1G contact all 42 non-conference opponents to discuss this, or just unilaterally, and in my view selfishly, decide what was best for them or what they simply wanted? You can't make this decision without directly affecting so many other schools and conferences and all of their...
  9. LarryISU

    Friend that works at ESPN

    If no college football, I am inclined to just cancel my DISH. Paying $120 a month for their 2nd tier and they have lost Fox Sports Midwest, Altitude and now NFL Network. How do they drop all these sports channels but never change my bill?
  10. LarryISU

    Kicker transferring

    Alex Probert is a kicker coming to ISU from Liberty.
  11. LarryISU

    FB roster update

    If Greg Ross is on the team, I count 82 scholarship players now with K Jones leaving. Doesn't seem likely we would be adding anyone else. Maybe a walkon or two gets a scholly for a year? Joe Rivera?
  12. LarryISU

    Blake Hinson Committed To ISU!

    Ole Miss coach was on Golic and WIngo this morning. He says Hinson never once mentioned the Mississippi flag as an issue for him. So Hinson will now likely have to defend that, although completely understandable you would be afraid to say anything against Mississippi or its flag while you are...
  13. LarryISU

    FB roster update

    Richard Bowens no longer listed on the roster. Would have been a Redshirt Junior. He came here early his first year, always thought he would pan out. Sorry to see him gone. I see now he is in the portal.
  14. LarryISU

    FB roster update

    Hudson at 360 pounds. That will be tough to play football at that weight. Hopefully he can trim down some before September. I worry about the kid's health at 360. Although I recall just coming out of high school he had weighed that much or even more, maybe.
  15. LarryISU

    [Commitment Watch] Marcus Mbow

    Similar to Crystal balls for Jaylin Noel?
  16. LarryISU

    2 ISU FB players have Coronavirus

    So, what is the status for ISU? We had two FB players test positive, now they are back working out, anything else? What about the other ISU athletes (or assistants, or coaches or whoever it was)?
  17. LarryISU

    Fanatic Favorite: Cassie Masters

    Great story and very well written! Cyclones forever!
  18. LarryISU

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    Not sure if mentioned but Doyle's kid entered the transfer portal. Expecting Dad to be gone?
  19. LarryISU

    JD Spielman enters transfer portal

    I can't imagine we need a receiver for 2020. We have Tarique Milton (Jr.), Sean Shaw (So.), Joe Scates (So.), Xavier Hutchinson (Jr.), Darien Porter (Fr.), Darren Wilson (Jr.), and Landon Akers (Sr.). Breece Hall, Johnnie Lang and Jirehl Brock are going to catch some passes. Then you have...
  20. LarryISU

    Conference wins past 8 years MBB ...

    Kansas beat TTU by 3 points. But lost to Texas by 2, West Virginia by 5 and gave Iowa State fits for about 55 minutes. Somehow creamed a 6-6 Boston College team in Boston. Just a very up and down team last year, mostly down but Miles I think gets them to play hard.