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  1. CloneLawman

    Shall we rank the League in recent arrests...

    1. KSU 2. Baylor Everybody else. EDIT: SORRY, I missed the other thread. @cycloneG's is the one true thread on this matter.
  2. CloneLawman

    ***Official 2019 **** IOWA Thread***

    It's that time once more, folks.
  3. CloneLawman

    Cyclone Erik's Fabulous Bracket-Free Thread

    Here you go!
  4. CloneLawman

    ***Official Kick the Baylor Rapists out of the Conference Thread***

    Hey Baylor, **** you.
  5. CloneLawman

    ***Official Whiny TTU Fan Thread for Posts about Officiating***

    Here y'all go.
  6. CloneLawman

    ***OFFICIAL 2018 **** IOWA THREAD***

    Here we go. Post 'em if you got 'em.
  7. CloneLawman


    The bots are upon us?
  8. CloneLawman

    ***Official K State v ISU Gameday --no trivial matters posted on & mental toughness stressed***

    This one goes out to those whose professional football knowledge or superior attitudes prohibit commentary on trivial matters, including officiating.
  9. CloneLawman

    *** Official The Troll Infestation has Noticeably Lessened Thread***

    What a nice place it is around CF without the pathetic Hawk Trolls. That is all.
  10. CloneLawman

    Orville Bloethe

    I'm guessing most of you won't recognize the name, but this man was a treasure to the Iowa legal community and to the State in general. Recquiesciat in Pace, Orville.
  11. CloneLawman

    ***Official UNLV Fan ******* Match Thread- post your lame crap here***

    Post your crap in here buddy.
  12. CloneLawman

    1998 Iowa State v Iowa Football game video

    Anyone know where I could obtain a copy/view a stream of the 1998 game? I wasn't able to attend the game and I didn't see it live. It does not appear to be available through
  13. CloneLawman

    Big Ten is another level

    “Big Ten football is totally different than anything we’ve played so far,” Coker said. “We’ve played good teams, but Big Ten Football is clearly another level.” Coker quote after the game yesterday. How true. Just look at Indiana, Minnesota, Northwestern, and Purdue. Losses to North Texas...
  14. CloneLawman

    Computer ? because I am an idiot

    Windows XP would not finish booting up on my old laptop. I believe the system file may be corrupted. Anyway, I grabbed an IDE to USB converter cable, thinking to hook up my laptop hardrive to copy files off of it. Said cable does NOT come with drivers- says it is hot swappable, etc. So I...