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  1. mramseyISU

    The Mandalorian (with Spoilers)

    There was a lot to unpack this week for the super nerd. Thrawn is obviously huge and maybe he’ll be the next jump over from the animation side but Tython HOLY ****. I loved reading about the really old pre KOTOR stuff so that was a really exciting name drop. Maybe one day we’ll see the great...
  2. mramseyISU

    Best At-Home Free Weights

    I just picked up a Bowflex for the same reason. It only took a couple weeks to get once we ordered it and they had 18 months financing for 0% interest. So far I've been pretty happy with it.
  3. mramseyISU

    Woodworkers Thread

    A wise man once said if it looks stupid but works it isn't stupid. The only advantage I can see from the Jet one compared what it sounds like you built is the timer.
  4. mramseyISU

    Woodworkers Thread

    If it was really $100 I'd be waiting at the door when Acme opens on Friday and get another one.
  5. mramseyISU

    Woodworkers Thread

    No I left out the off part of that. I posted that before my second cup of coffee for the day. That $300 price is the Black Friday price.
  6. mramseyISU

    Woodworkers Thread

    Another good thing to have in a garage shop is one of the ceiling mounted fine dust collectors. I run mine pretty much anytime I'm working in mine. They're $100 off for Black Friday at Acme Tool I think for the Jet ones...
  7. mramseyISU

    The Mandalorian (with Spoilers)

    This is the beginnings of the First Order no doubt about it.
  8. mramseyISU

    Not getting ahead of myself.... Okay i am.

    You don’t want him fired, they might actually get a good coach then.
  9. mramseyISU

    Work Boots

    I’m pretty brand loyal to red wing. I have to wear metatarsal style boots at work and the pair I have now is 5 years old. I have a pair of plain steel toes that I used to wear everyday but now just occasionally that are probably 15 years old. I don’t do anything special to take care of them but...
  10. mramseyISU

    Formula One starts this weekend, am I the only fan?

    I got lucky a few years ago and got tickets to see Letterman. It just so happens that Vettel was one of the guests. I might have been the only person in the audience that knew who he was. Red Bull had a car parked out front as we walked in because they were doing a show run with it through the...
  11. mramseyISU

    Garage heater recommendations?

    Here’s a video from a guy I follow talking about heating his garage and going through the options he looked at. Lots of good information here. Just for context he’s in Denver, CO so the climate is a bit different than what you’re dealing with.
  12. mramseyISU

    Rotator Cuff Surgery

    I had surgery for a torn shoulder capsule when I was 20. I messed it up pitching in high school. Now I’m 40 and get cortisone shot in it about every 4-6 months and it probably needs to be scoped soon. The recovery for the first surgery was 12 weeks. It was pretty miserable and it isn’t much fun...
  13. mramseyISU

    Formula One starts this weekend, am I the only fan?

    Lance “Daddy bought me a race team” Stroll on the pole in Istanbul. I love a wet qualifying session.
  14. mramseyISU

    The Mandalorian (with Spoilers)

    I couldn’t sleep last night so I got up at 4:30 and watched the new episode this morning. Solid episode this week. Ashoka is coming soon.
  15. mramseyISU

    Electric & PHEV Vehicles

    Has Tesla gotten their quality problems under control yet? The last thing I'd read about them said they had the quality of an early 90's Korean Car but that's been a while. The other thing that I don't like about a straight battery electric is the decrease in battery life in cold weather since...
  16. mramseyISU

    Vehicle reliability - best make/models?

    You think that's nuts compare a modern mini-van to a Ferrari from the late 70's or early 80's. The minivan my wife got rid of a couple years ago had more power than the Ferrari Magnum PI drove around.
  17. mramseyISU

    Vehicle reliability - best make/models?

    I was going to get a used Taco for my last truck. A new one had a lower payment for anything with less than 75k miles. I ended up getting a new one. It’s 5 years old now with about 58k on the odometer and the trade in value is about $8000 less than I paid for it.
  18. mramseyISU

    Woodworkers Thread

    Yeah they have a pretty good selection. Right now they want you to call ahead before going I think. Just tell them what you’re after and they’ll already have it picked and ready to load up when you get there.
  19. mramseyISU

    Woodworkers Thread

    I get mine at Weiland & Sons in Winthrop.
  20. mramseyISU

    Woodworkers Thread

    10” or 12” depends on how wide the boards are your planning on using, I’d look at the cross cut capacity and 45 degree capacity. As far as brands go if you can get a deal on a DeWalt, Milwaukee or Makita any of those would be fine.