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    Here I always thought Marty was the attention seeking *******

    Bush league at best the day after match ups are presented. Forgot I was even following Miller on Twitter. Today was a good day to unfollow. **** these trolls. And I know where I'm not shopping for my next ISU flag. Edited to add: I may have overreacted. It's been a morning.. I've been...
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    Where are your fans?

    Hawks ranked. Playing a decent opponent and Carver is half empty and dead. Pathetic.
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    Ayeni to NW

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    Okoboji family recommendations?

    Spending four days up in Okoboji with wife and two young children. I have never been there. Any strong recommendations of things to keep the kids busy? Dining recommendations? Or things/places to avoid? Is the cruise out of Arnold's Park worth doing with two children? The race track looks...
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    Cyclone Alley You Dissapoint me...

    If this black and gold turd wasn't at least wearing a clone cone by halftime last night. Doosh nozzle to the nth degree.
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    Coaches poll #16

    Rankings are out for USA Today. Edited to add. If we sweep this week we will have wins against four of the top five. And Mich State only dropping one spot is crazy.
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    Two missing ingredients on this team right now.

    I'm not sure if this has been hit on or not. I spared myself the agony of reliving the loss by reading all the posts about it. ISU is obviously a very good/great team. But I think there are two very glaring issues with this team. 1. No spark plug. We don't have that guy that can come off...
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    Is Kinnick too big of a stadium for Iowa or do Iowa fans just really suck?

    Can't sell out a stadium for a top 20 undefeated team. Which is it? Too many seats to fill or too many band wagon t-shirt fans that haven't returned yet?
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    Today feels even worse

    Anyone else feel worse today than when we actually lost? We are supposed to be playing today and right now it feels worse than Thursday. I can't imagine how the team is feeling. I wonder if Hoiberg can even watch basketball today. I can't. Well. Time for yard work I guess.
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    ISU falls to 14th. UNI 13 in AP

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    Came here hours after the game to commiserate. Tried reading a few threads. Still not ready to think about this loss. Maybe tomorrow. Don't remember having this pit in my stomach over a loss in a long time.
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    Chair Backs for Stadium

    Can someone post the link for ordering chairbacks for football games? It was advertised in the season tickets and I lost mine. Couldn't find anything on or google. TIA
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    Has this week's Poll Attacks been posted? This is getting crazy.

    What the hell is wrong with some of these voters? Mike Barber needs his vote taken away. And now. I can't even fathom any justification for this. Poll Attacks: Why attack Seth when there's somebody worse? -
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    I want one of these is Ames so freaking bad it hurts. I hope they start franchising and some very smart person opens one in Campustown. Anyone else ever been? Piada Italian Street Food > Home
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    Is this guy our shooting coach?

    Because I have never seen a team collectively miss so many bunnies in a season. To me the points we leave at the rim are more frustrating than all the missed threes.
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    Are we calling Kane "Big Daddy" yet?

    If not, can we? Ain't no half steppin'
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    Van De Velde fired again.

    Joe Schad ‏@schadjoe 13m Louisiana Tech AD Bruce Van De Velde is out. Recall that Tech was shut out from bowl last season despite 9-3 record.
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    Construction off of highway 30/ Dayton

    Anyone know what is going on just east of the Skunk River on highway 30 on the north side of the highway? Near Dayton? Looks like a lot of dirt being pushed around. Is that where one of the new car dealerships is going or is it something else? Just curious.
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    Has this been discussed here at all? I have no stats to back this up but it seems like we get a ton of charge calls against us and hardly ever have any called against our opponents. Why the discrepancy? I really don't think it is officiating.