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  1. Jacktronic

    I'm very sad.

    So sad. What can I do to improve my mood?
  2. Jacktronic

    Carpenter Ants

    Found one in our home today, the first I have noticed. There is a line of rotting logs separating our property from the home to the west so I assume the nest is there. Anyone had luck clearing these with DIY stuff or should I get a pest management service in?
  3. Jacktronic

    FS: Upper Center - One ticket - Cheap to a Fellow Fan

    Bought a single ticket (207, row 5, seat 10), and then had some buddies want to go. Wishing to sell this ticket cheap to move it quickly so I can obtain some different seats. Purchased it on Stubhub for $104 plus service fees. $80? $60 and a beer? Whatever, hit me up. I'll have to meet you in...
  4. Jacktronic

    Snow Blower Recommendations for Iowa Winters

    Planning on purchasing a snow blower for my parents this Christmas. For those with experience using them during Iowa winters, would a single-stage blower be adequate or should I just go ahead with a two-stage? Residential neighborhood in Des Moines, fairly standard single car driveway (maybe 60...
  5. Jacktronic

    Tournament Streaming - What's Your Plan?

    Got a four day weekend starting this upcoming Thursday and planning on immersing myself in college basketball and beer. We currently have internet through Mediacom but no cable/DISH/DirectTV. Trying to decide what service or app to go through. Last year I believe I signed up for SlingTV, which...
  6. Jacktronic


    Do we have a game tomorrow or what?!? Let's get pumped up for Big Monday! I want to see a GTO look-a-like thread, I want to see a Kirk breakdown thread, I need some "Oklahoma must be destroyed" posts, I'm looking forward to the Rulzzz Gameday thread. I expect solid defense on Hield and...
  7. Jacktronic

    Your top 3 favorite / most influential albums!

    As with many others, music is a huge part of my life. Looking back, I associate certain periods of my life with specific releases by my favorite artists. A friend asked me a few months ago what my favorite / most important albums were, and without any hesitation I could name the top 3: 1)...
  8. Jacktronic

    Game watch in Eastern Iowa?

    Any bars or gathering places to watch the game in the Iowa City / Cedar Rapids area? Unable to make it to Ames and my at-home channels consist of three different types of PBS. Life is rough in this half of the state.