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  1. isukendall

    Top Shelf Liquor

    For the money, Bulleiut is my go-to bourbon.
  2. isukendall

    YouTube TV

    YTTV definitely has been a great service, but this cash grab will definitely have me looking at other options.
  3. isukendall

    ***General Cycling Thread***

    I prefer panniers on a rack. I typically can slide my U-lock down one side of the rack where it just hangs, and have one pannier on the other side. One pannier is enough to keep most of what I would need - extra clothes, lights, and space to put more things. I also have a cooler that I built to...
  4. isukendall

    ***General Cycling Thread***

    I don't know why Chaco hasn't done this. They would fly off the shelves. There used to be a company called Retrofitz that sold a DIY kit, but they're out of business now. If I could find a set, I might try to install them on my old Chacos.
  5. isukendall

    ***General Cycling Thread***

    I've got the ones from Nashbar and I like them. They're pretty comfortable, although weird tan lines that disrupt my Colorado Chaco tan. I wish I had bought the Keen cycling sandals just because every pair of Keen shoes I have tried is super comfortable, but they're hard to find anymore...
  6. isukendall

    Coronavirus Coronavirus: In-Iowa General Discussion (Not Limited)

    RAGBRAI officially cancelled.
  7. isukendall

    Joe Heskett

    Heskett has always been one of my favorite Cyclone wrestlers. Super nice guy in person. Wishing him the best, he's been through a lot in his life.
  8. isukendall

    Preparing for the apocalypse

    It's actually ... not terrible.
  9. isukendall

    ***2020 Concert Thread***

    Do you think they're doing a world tour just because it conveniently fit into their calendar?It's an election year, and a big one. If you tire of Rage Against the Machine being political, then you really haven't been paying attention for the last 28 years.
  10. isukendall

    ***2020 Concert Thread***

    Not a lot on the docket so far for 2020, although lots of shows are being announced right now. Being picky on tickets this year. So far have tickets for: 1/26 Wailers @ Washingtons, Fort Collins CO 3/5 Murder By Death w/ Slim Cessna's Auto Club @ Washingtons 4/12 Motet @ Steamboat Resort base...
  11. isukendall

    Hinterland 2020 SPECULATION THREAD

    Solid headliners.
  12. isukendall

    Oscars 2020 - More Men, Please?

    I don't think Larry the Cable Guy is going to win any Oscars anytime soon.
  13. isukendall

    Is this the start of the zombie apocalypse?

    I met a doctor last night who seemed pretty concerned about the Coronavirus, thought it would get a lot worse before it gets better. He'd also had a few, so take that FWIW. That said, I'm scheduled to leave for international travel (France, Iceland) this Friday. I don't usually worry too much...
  14. isukendall

    How bad are athlete's parents?

    I coached collegiate club wrestling for five years, and had a very successful team, winning a conference championship in the last year. Also started the first collegiate women's program in the state of Colorado. Ultimately was ran off by parents and a rogue assistant coach (who wanted to be head...
  15. isukendall

    Friday OT #2 - Interview With A Vampire

    Joan of Arc Billy the Kid Napoleon Socrates Abe Lincoln Genghis Khan
  16. isukendall

    First time parent advice, tips, tricks, etc.

    TLDR. I don't have kids, but when people reach out in public forums to ask for parenting advice, my advice is always "Bourbon". So, Bourbon.
  17. isukendall

    Friday OT #1 - I'm Richard Petty

    Bolded for emphasis.
  18. isukendall


    I know people are being Debbie Downer here, when it should be positive. Thanks Chris and staff for your continued coverage of wrestling, it's appreciated and important for the sport and program. That said, I hate the bugle logo and refuse to purchase anything that displays it. Otherwise, sweet...
  19. isukendall

    2019-20 FB Coaching Carousel & Rumors

    I see your point, but could also see CU doing something like this. It's a rivalry, I'm glad CSU got to it first. Also want to point out that your post is ammunition for anyone accusing this board of being obsessed with Iowa. Not trying to pick a fight, just sayin'.
  20. isukendall

    2019-20 FB Coaching Carousel & Rumors

    It definitely did make the Buffs upset, because CSU actually trademarked it. So only CSU can have Colorado flag uniforms, and CU will never have them. I've heard he was in town this week, and yes there are rumours floating. Meyer was an assistant under Sonny Lubick back in the day, and he's...