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  1. Chizit

    Remainder of NBA season at Disney World?

    Does anyone think Giannis is even a little overrated in the grand scheme? Maybe it's a recency thing, because his last two possessions were horrible. How does he let Harden clamp him up like that twice. But then again, his stat line always speaks for itself.
  2. Chizit

    Iowa State Sporcles (Trivia)

  3. Chizit

    Iowa State Sporcles (Trivia) How many modern ISU NBA draft picks can you name?
  4. Chizit

    Iowa State Sporcles (Trivia)

    Thought it was already like that. Done
  5. Chizit

    Iowa State Sporcles (Trivia) Good luck! These are pretty simple to make, so I will continue to make some and post them here, as long as people are indulging.
  6. Chizit

    Cyclone State

    Sad to see another science denier
  7. Chizit

    Busch Light Apple

  8. Chizit

    Tyrus McGee - Disrespectful

    Better than his tip dunk vs Tech?
  9. Chizit

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    WELL at least the Iowa fan base isn't made up of 40% people who never left their hometown. I am sure their fans will have well thought-out, reasonable responses.
  10. Chizit

    Waco (Netflix)

    I know there is some beef on how they portray Koresh in it, but my god Taylor Kitsch killed that role. Really good acting all around.
  11. Chizit

    Most Random Place You've Run Into A Cyclone Fan

    The parking lot of a strip mall in Kittery, Maine. Also, watched the ISU-Oklahoma game last season at a huge bar in Hoboken, NJ. There was one other ISU fan there that I ran into, and watched with. By the end of the game, there was a huge group of people invested in watching the game with us...
  12. Chizit

    Passive-Aggressive CF Reactions

  13. Chizit

    Coach Duggs and the Raiders invade Jack Trice

    Trying to put myself in the shoes of a 75 year old booster somehow seeing this tweet
  14. Chizit

    COD Warzone

    Would be a lot more fun if I didn't absolutely suck
  15. Chizit

    Offensive Coordinator Grant Rohach

    Um I'm sorry there's a school names Mount Marty?
  16. Chizit

    Survivor: Winners at War

    Nah y'all aint gonna blindside my boy Nick that easy!!!!
  17. Chizit

    Survivor: Winners at War

    That was an annoying episode. The awful 10 minute Edge of Extinction filler, Kim & Nick being idiotic at challenge, more stupid chaos at tribal. What the hell is going to happen to all these fire tokens floating around Edge of Extinction?
  18. Chizit

    Video links/files for full NCAA tournament games from past decade

    Highlights from the ND game. Hoiball at its absolute finest.
  19. Chizit

    Video links/files for full NCAA tournament games from past decade

    That first Royce White coast-to-coast dunk in the UCONN game will always be one of my favorite plays ever.
  20. Chizit

    Friday OT: COVID Playlist