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  1. dualthreat

    Worst Fruit?

    This thread needs more pictures Does anyone have any pictures of some nice big melons?
  2. dualthreat

    Cyclone Equipment unveils "Cyclone Shields" for football helmets

    That's important to point out. But JP probably has his finger on the pulse of the situation. A lot more than any of us at least.
  3. dualthreat

    Cyclone Equipment unveils "Cyclone Shields" for football helmets

    I still think there's a difference. It's one thing to plan and consider all options, it's another to move forward with one
  4. dualthreat

    College Football Claiming Poverty

    the state softball tournament had fans elbow to elbow. Many not wearing masks. Just to answer the question.
  5. dualthreat

    Cyclone Equipment unveils "Cyclone Shields" for football helmets

    Another sign football will be played this fall. You don't pay for the design and development of this equipment just to sit out the season
  6. dualthreat

    Only One NonCon Game

    It would be nice if we could play USD in week 1 or week 0 Take 2 weeks off Bump the conference schedule up a week, evaluate how things are going. Play Texas Tech in week 4 if the green light is given
  7. dualthreat

    Massive explosion in Beirut

  8. dualthreat

    Possible news: NCAA split and Pac12 players strike

    And the university as a whole
  9. dualthreat

    Possible news: NCAA split and Pac12 players strike

    What incentive does a school have to lower tuition? None of the big schools are hurting. Continue to jack up the price and kids will fork it over
  10. dualthreat

    Pat Forde says B1G unsure about fall football

    Agree completely but this is about liability and public image. Not practicality
  11. dualthreat

    High school football schedule

    There is a lot of momentum toward one positive test will not shut the entire team down. One kid will sit out and the rest of the team will continue to be closely monitored. Honestly, its the only model that has any chance going forward. Keep in mind, the kid is also going to school. 1...
  12. dualthreat

    Tight End U

    We're certainly not TEU but we have 3 great TE's on our roster. Honestly, when I watch that video I think the TE's are prospering because their OC actually designs plays for them to get involved. Was it Messingham or Mangino that targeted the TE like 10 times all season? Gotta at least make...
  13. dualthreat

    JTS Improvements - Want More

    artificial turf on the hillsides and grass on the playing field would be quite the creative spin
  14. dualthreat

    Iowa State 2020 Schedule Change

    I'm out of touch with the quality of local FCS programs.. with that in mind, I'd rather schedule Western Illinois again and hand them a 56-0 beat down in week 0 than play UNI and end up in another bloody dog fight. More than anything, I'm just tired of playing UNI
  15. dualthreat

    [Committed] '21 CB 6'3" Winsome Frazier

    Heacock likes length at corner to play his zone scheme. We play some man coverage but mostly zone. NFL plays mostly man coverage where length is less important than athletic skills
  16. dualthreat

    Share your favorite quick, easy, meals to cook

    What meals do you make the most often? What are your favorites? Share them here! Bonus points if they are any of the following: Quick Easy Reasonably healthy Cheap Don't require a kitchen full of ingredients to make Go!
  17. dualthreat

    Best ISU Football Team You've Watched

    That's exactly right. In 2013, 14, 15 when Rhoads was on the chopping block people on here kept saying Pollard axed Mac after just one bad season. Ultimately he was fired because of the '04 and '05 flops instead of the '06 major flop (which we were predicted 2nd in the North). It was time for...
  18. dualthreat

    Big XII considering plus 1 schedule

    If you guys like college football talk, follow Josh Pate and Late Kick In this particular video, he has some good info about this topic and how the B1G pulled the rug out from the rest of the P5
  19. dualthreat

    Big XII considering plus 1 schedule

    i think the argument is against travelling long distance for non con match ups and the difficulties that would surround playing teams from other conferences. it's also difficult when every conference is playing by their own rules