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  1. 1100011CS

    Covid vaccine trial - my experience

    " For those complaining of the nasal swabs, I've had larger things in my nostrils and it was mildly uncomfortable at worst. " - In my experience, this is highly dependent on the person you have doing the swab. First time, I swear the guy stuck it in my brain and then twisted it around in there...
  2. 1100011CS


    Lets hope Butler breaks out this season too.
  3. 1100011CS

    New license plate ordered

    But does the 64 have posi-traction?
  4. 1100011CS

    Bee Hive

    It looks like she's saying 'forget that' anyway.
  5. 1100011CS

    Friday OT #3 - The Amazonian

    Apparently my wife (gf at the time) and I ordering textbooks.
  6. 1100011CS

    Ozark on Netflix

    No, no, no. Arrested Development? Dodgeball? Horrible Bosses? He's just a great all-around actor... talent really. Not just an actor.
  7. 1100011CS


    Just make sure you don't google 'snowbunnies'. :oops:
  8. 1100011CS

    Poll: Have you been tested for COVID-19?

    So it wasn't just the person I had do it. Thought I just got the most sadistic health care worker in the country. I swear he hit my brain.
  9. 1100011CS

    K-12 Return to school ongoing discussion

    I don't believe any of this
  10. 1100011CS

    Poll: Have you been tested for COVID-19?

    I tested last month and was negative. I have a watch that reads my O2 levels and didn't realize that is considered low. May need to get tested again:eek:
  11. 1100011CS

    OT: Cord cutting questions

    Is it?
  12. 1100011CS

    Android unusable

    I hadn't tried the app for a while because it sucked when I did. so installed it to see how it is now and seems to be working pretty good. Maybe try clearing the cache and restarting.
  13. 1100011CS

    Android unusable

    No problem with Chrome on Android for me.
  14. 1100011CS

    Overcoming Life's Obstacles

    I have several lingering side effects from cancer surgeries and treatment. I just try to remember how lucky I am to still be here and that my wife forced me to go to Mayo instead of letting the hospital to the east continue to try and kill me. I hated them before but that experience really...
  15. 1100011CS

    Busch Light Apple

  16. 1100011CS

    OT: That's It, I Quit!

    I quit my Domino's job in high school because they scheduled me to work the day of the Iowa Jam.
  17. 1100011CS

    Kelly Preston has passed away at 57

    f*** cancer
  18. 1100011CS

    Kicker transferring

    Twitter is awesome :rolleyes:
  19. 1100011CS

    Kicker transferring

    My memory sucks. Do we have someone better?
  20. 1100011CS

    Tire recommendation needed

    Got an Impreza 2 years ago with low-profile tires. The first winter was not good. Got taller, skinnier winter tires and now it's a beast in the snow.