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  1. cyclonesurveyor

    Kansas City area Fanatics - living in KC advice

    We lived in North OP, next to Prairie Village and we loved it. OP side is more cookie cutter but older subdivisions (lots of split/multi level houses) and PV has a lot of old big lots. We were very happy with Brookwood elementary which is now a new building.
  2. cyclonesurveyor

    COVID-19 Unemployed/Employed Roll Call Poll

    going on 6 years of working remote...
  3. cyclonesurveyor

    Jeep wrangler(s)

    And so is the Defender. I've always liked the 60's small Bronco but their prices right now are super high with the new releases coming out.
  4. cyclonesurveyor

    Jeep wrangler(s)

    They are back.
  5. cyclonesurveyor

    Rocky Mountain National Park - Hiking

    I like Highway 14 heading west out of Sterling, drive thru the Pawnee National Grasslands and not many stops, then drop down I-35 to Hwy 34 to Estes.
  6. cyclonesurveyor

    Rocky Mountain National Park - Hiking

    3.5 miles hike. Its just a mile or so north. This link has directions and description.
  7. cyclonesurveyor

    Rocky Mountain National Park - Hiking

    Gem Lake is north of town and is a fun one to do with kids. I don't think its part of RMNP but also doesn't have the crazy crowds. There are a few techie areas but not too bad, saw horses going up them.
  8. cyclonesurveyor

    ***General Cycling Thread***

    I agree with the seat to point. If its bothering you, switch it. I've tried some expensive saddles but I have stuck with my stock saddles on my bikes. They work for me with or without a chamois on. I haven't tried a Brooks tho but would like to.
  9. cyclonesurveyor

    ***General Cycling Thread***

    I wouldn't rush into replacing the brakes. Use the mechanicals and you might be happy enough just to replace pads. That said, my road / cross bike does have hydraulic brakes and I sure like them coming down the canyon roads. I was happy with the BB7's on my mountain bike riding the mild...
  10. cyclonesurveyor

    ***General Cycling Thread***

    I swapped out my BB7's for Shimano XT's on my mountian bike and it was so easy. I could only buy the front pre-bled but had to bleed the rear. I was shocked how simple it was. Just need a bleed kit with the mineral oil.
  11. cyclonesurveyor

    Official: Haliburton Declares for Draft: #8 to da Bulls
  12. cyclonesurveyor

    ***General Cycling Thread***

    I am in this boat too. I just bought a Smith Signal with MIPS (large), only $60. Only helmet I have had that doesn't make my head look like Dark Helmet.
  13. cyclonesurveyor

    ***General Cycling Thread***

    This is what I ended up with but with SRAM rival which I like the shifting over the 105. I ended up using the warranty on the original frame and the second also. The bike would howl and vibrate when coming to a stop. Bike shop monkeyed with it and couldn't figure it out. 3rd try they gave me...
  14. cyclonesurveyor

    ***General Cycling Thread***

    My first venture into bikes and trying to ride more was a Trek Crossrip from Bike World in WDM. It was fun, had 35 mm semi slick tires and at 1 point, I was hauling a tag-along and kid trailer behind it. I was riding enough trail / road miles and thought I needed to get an acutal road bike...
  15. cyclonesurveyor

    Cross-country move cost?

    We've done 2 big (4 bed house) corporate moves, the last being KC to CO. I think it was Allied, and cost $5-6k. First one was DSM to KC and one of the packing guys had started in our bedroom, which wasn't ready for boxing. That guy didn't come back the next day and my wife "lost" her...
  16. cyclonesurveyor

    New Mortgage Question

    My wife's work has moved us 4 times since 2014. The first 2 times, I needed the written letters from my employer for the bank / mortgage company when buying a house. 3rd time was for the property management company handling our rental in the UK. Last move was back to the US and our current...
  17. cyclonesurveyor

    What are you drinking tonight?

    Currently an Odell Wolfpicker. But like dirty, I am going to switch to Kirkland's finest blended scotch for my zoom happy hour tonight, and its in a glass bottle so it's fancy.
  18. cyclonesurveyor

    Breweries to survive coronavirus?

    I guess I was just trying to say that those prices are not out of line, just dependant on the brewery it seems. I was lucky that my kegerator came with an empty keg that the local liquor store took for exchange because most of the breweries here are charging a $100 to $150 deposit. One brewery...
  19. cyclonesurveyor

    Breweries to survive coronavirus?

  20. cyclonesurveyor

    Breweries to survive coronavirus?

    Those prices seem right to me. I pay anywhere from $90 to $160 for 5.2 gallons (1/6 barrel) at the local breweries here in Fort Collins. When I calc'd the feasibilty I am not saving much over buying cans / bottles of the same beer (if available) but I really like not having to go to the liquor...