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  1. Gunnerclone

    2020 Claims Another Victim

    Diego Maradona dead at 60. Guy was a legend. I used to watch VHS tapes of him over and over and over. When he returned for WC ‘94 it was the greatest moment in US soccer history history. The guy lived his life to its fullest and druggiest. He will be missed. RIP.
  2. Gunnerclone

    Peloton vs Echelon vs Mirror vs. Tonal

    Need some classic CF user reviews on connected home cycling workout machines and “reflective type” home workout apparatuses. Who has one of these? What do you love about them? What sucks? Do you feel they are worth their respective prices? Have you stayed engaged over time? I’m a free weights...
  3. Gunnerclone

    Another accent/dialect thread (with test)

    Just took this it’s pretty interesting. Your results indicate where people that speak similarly to you are in the US.
  4. Gunnerclone

    Is This Jon Gruden Mask Thong Real?

    Is this an elaborate hoax? Did he really where a tiny mask? Gruden Tiny Mask
  5. Gunnerclone

    Am I the only person that is putting ZERO stock in to this season?

    I just haven’t been able to get in to it. Half of the teams aren’t playing a season, half of the conferences games cancelled this week, empty stadiums with no atmosphere. I don’t know what this season is, but it’s not College Football. I’ll be watching off the DVR all season. The news media is...
  6. Gunnerclone

    Kevin Warren Is Doing an Absolutely Amazing Job

    The Big Ten rubes just can’t figure out what is happening. I’m listening to my round of tOSU podcasts today and they absolutely HATE this guy. They might kill him they had the chance... but let’s look at what’s really going on. This guy is a HEAT MAGNET. @ChrisMWilliams and the other Pro...
  7. Gunnerclone

    If Justin Fields was able to and wanted to transfer to ISU would you take him?

    And put Brock on the bench?
  8. Gunnerclone

    Would you rather be in the big 12 or the big 10?

    I smell massive shakeups potentially coming down the pike. let’s consider that either options features would remain in place for the next five years and this would take effect for the 2021 Season. Would you rather be in the Big 12 as it is currently constituted with the same teams, same round...
  9. Gunnerclone

    College Football Claiming Poverty

    Anyone else sick of this? 8 months ago Pollard is up there touting the new mega-mall of ISU Football fandom to be built in the Hilton/JTS parking lots. Now he’s claiming poverty. I don’t care about endowments, revenue, or anything else. Was this not in the contingencies? Pandemics happen, they...
  10. Gunnerclone

    2020 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Anyone else watching? Get on the CBJ bandwagon now.
  11. Gunnerclone

    Darryl from New Shannon on KXNO shows

    So what’s the deal with this guy? Why does he talk like he’s from the southern US? Do other people in Iowa have southern accents? CW and Stanz are from the southern most part of Iowa and they don’t talk like that. I think New Shannon isn’t even in southern Iowa, it’s eastern Iowa?
  12. Gunnerclone

    Talk to me about property taxes in the Des Moines suburbs.

    What are the best values? Clive address with Waukee schools? Johnston? Polk City with Ankeny schools? I’m having trouble finding anything online that’s actually up to date.
  13. Gunnerclone

    MLB: The best thing about baseball...

    Was the random white noise of the 1/3 full that is gone it’s somehow even more boring than it was before.
  14. Gunnerclone

    Two Cyclones make CBS Sports Big 12 Top 10 Players list
  15. Gunnerclone

    Kansas City area Fanatics - living in KC advice

    Hey KC Fanatics. I need some in depth local knowledge. I’ve been to KC a million times, I know my way around. What I need is your tips on where to live/how to live. Things like which side to live on (Mizzou/Kansas) and why, which suburbs/school districts (any tax havens? Like pay KC taxes but...
  16. Gunnerclone

    College Football Season Death Pool

    What date will the cancellation of the football season occur on?
  17. Gunnerclone

    -MUSIC- Favorite Summer Bands

    What is your favorite summer band(s): 1. 311 2. Grateful Dead 3. Cherub 4. Nate Dogg/Anything LBC
  18. Gunnerclone

    Gunner Mailbag (still needz a name) AMA Submission thread.

    Submit questions here. I’ll pick awesome ones and answer them by Monday. I’m always amazed at how much people love to ask questions. I’ll try to produce a format that’s readable.
  19. Gunnerclone

    Should gunner do an AMA mailbag?

    Weekly, not every question will be answered, no questions may be answered, some answers may contain politics (hello sheeple! Everything is political it’s not 1988 any more). Guests may be brought in to answer some questions or take a week. ANYTHING is fair game, you can criticize me or whatever...
  20. Gunnerclone

    Music Groups or artists that you used to not like, but now do like

    This is an easy one for me and I think it is interesting how musical tastes evolve. For my choice it was as much about rebelling against what everyone else was in to at a certain time vs disliking the music specifically... I’m still not a huge Jerry guy but I have come to have so much...