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    FS: 2 OSU Tix

    Section 236, Row 9 on the aisle. $40 for the pair. Can throw in States 250 parking pass! PM me. Thanks!
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    FS: No Longer Available

    Section 236, aisle, row 9. $75 each. Can throw in parking pass as well. PM me.
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    2019-2020 Season Prediction (Poll)

    Didn't see a record prediction thread... mods please delete if someone already did one and I missed it. I'm not super optimistic. Too many new pieces and a history of Prohm taking time to experiment first and worry about wins later. Thinking 18-13 and about .500 in conference. Hopefully on...
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    Run-Pass (Im)Balance

    I know this is well-covered ground, but just to put some stats on it: The numbers bear out that when they get cute and throw it around too much, bad things happen. Was tempted to look at last year too, maybe someone else has the time. Mea culpa if any of the stats are wrong, quickly copied...
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    Tickets arrived today!

    Christmas in October! States 250 got moved back north into D4 lot from 85E. VERY happy about that, have been griping about it for a couple seasons. See y'all in Hilton!
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    WTB: 1 Ticket TCU (anywhere, cheap/free)

    Just getting the gf's daughter into the game. Can meet before game at stadium or do the elec transfer. If someone has one that is otherwise going to waste. Thanks!
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    FS: SOLD

    Section B, row 2. Good view of everything except the far south end. Can't make game due to work travel. $50 each, includes G7 parking pass as well.
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    Moving a garage?

    Have a decent 2 car garage, but need to have more garage space. Unfortunately, the way the backyard is set up the existing garage blocks off access to the entire backyard where you would build a 2nd garage. Has anyone ever moved a garage or other building? How tough? Cost? We'd have to...
  9. C

    WTB: 1 for TCU on 9 Feb

    Looking for just one, taking a kid to the game. Prefer upper level, decent price. PM me or sjbell50 (at) Thanks
  10. C

    FT: 2 Uppers for 1 lower? Texas Feb 2. Or sell 1.

    It's just me going tomorrow. I have 2 in sect 236, row 9, on the aisle. Would trade for 1 in lower sections. Alternately, would sell the extra ticket, make offer! Need some Clone Cone money...
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    FS: 2 tix for OSU Jan 19 - $25 each OBO

    Section 236, Row 9, on the aisle. $25 each OBO. Can e-transfer, or hand deliver in the CR-IC area (can throw in States level parking pass in that case). PM me or sjbell50 at
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    WTB: Single for KSU

    Just looking for a cheap single to get a kid thru the door. Any help? or PM/convo me works too.
  13. C

    FS: MBB Partial season tickets

    It's impossible for me to make all the games this year, especially weeknights, just too long of a drive. So offering some games for sale - INCLUDING SOME CONFERENCE GAMES! Have a pair on the aisle, section 236 about halfway up (row 9 IIRC). Prefer to sell them as a pair if possible. $20...
  14. C

    Football is Back

    SIAP, didn't see it. Thought this was really well done and powerful.
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    O-Line Question

    Someone help me figure this out, should my kool-aid glass be half-full or half-empty? Is Newell beating out JGJ for center is a great thing? or if it is something to be highly concerned about? It kinda feels like it is one of these 2 possibilities: 1. Newell is a mega-stud, and even JGJ, who...
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    Reasons for Optimism (or, Don't Burn Your Tickets Yet)

    At this moment, the UWM game is still undecided. ISU down 10, and deep in the We all recognize that this looks like hot wet garbage. But I think there are some reasons to be optimistic. 1. Chemistry. We saw this last year early, when CSP was experimenting with rotations early, and it got...
  17. C

    WTB: 3 for TCU

    Need 3, can be separate spots. Just need kids tix.
  18. C

    FS: 2 for OU - SOLD

    Sect 236, Row 9. $20 each. Can transfer them via Paypal works for me. Change of plans at last minute.
  19. C

    WTB: 4 uppers for TCU

    Trying to take kids and their pals. Looking for 4 uppers. My season tix are in 236,so preference to anything on that side/corner. Thanks!
  20. C

    FS: 2 for WV - Sect 236 Row 9 on aisle

    $20 each. I can email you pdf of ticket or you can pay transfer fee. Send me a conversation, I will be checking later on.