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    Garage heater recommendations?

    Mr Heater might have a model that works well for you. I really like mine. Great combo of price and functionality for me.
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    Well, we're moving from ranking pretenders to contenders now ...

    Hell's bells, this just as well be randomly generated.
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    Nebraska does indeed still suck!

    I live in PA with a son at PSU. Franklin seems like a good man, but I just haven't been impressed with his coaching since he got to PSU. I really thought he'd be more successful. He does recruit good classes, but he passed on a local kid with multiple big time offers who ended up at Clemson...
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    *** Official Baylor vs #17 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Man, you are so right. After Eisworth's muffed punt I heard from a friend "seen that before". So obnoxious. I returned the favor though. After we won I texted "culture win. the kind of thing the Hawkeyes used to do"
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    *** Official Baylor vs #17 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    I haven't read the whole thread, so maybe this was covered.... I'm surprised there isn't more second guessing the pressure we brought on 4th and 6 when they scored. Up 14, I would have preferred a more conservative call with that field position and time left. I'm not sure the D had given up a...
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    AP Poll prediction

    I have to admit, this is the first time I've ever seen anyone defend Coastal Carolina so passionately. Pretty sure it's the only time. In any sport. Or topic.
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    Quinn Ewers #1 2022 prospect decommits from Texas

    Sure, I suppose Klieman could be enticed by a Texas offer. Or were you thinking Riley? Otherwise, no one else comes to mind.
  8. L

    This week's games ...

    Kene might only get one attempt to return a KO
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    [thanks for coming out, KSU] PATHWAY TO DALLAS

    Arlington, Virginia is no where near Dallas. Is there another one?
  10. L

    [thanks for coming out, KSU] PATHWAY TO DALLAS

    This is a super weird hill to die on
  11. L

    Dudley Blackwell (excited to be a Cyclone)

    If you don't mind me paying you a complement, your reply complimented the OP's point. Edit: Oh, and I'm excited about Dudley and the other frosh.
  12. L

    Best Sports Movie

    That legit had me in tears.
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    INSIDER: Three grad transfers that Iowa State is targeting

    And there it is. You don't want ISU to be successful next year if it means Steve Prohm is successful next year. I've lived through 40 years of bad ISU sports and coaches, and I never went into a season hoping we'd lose enough for the coach to get fired, even when I was "sure" we had the wrong...
  14. L

    PODCAST: On the transfers of Griffin, Lewis & Grill

    I don't understand the people piling on to Prohm because of these 3 transfers. These three guys leaving INCREASE our chance of being good next year, no matter how you slice it. Maybe it only takes the odds up from 0.1% to 0.2% if you're really down on Prohm, but these guys leaving can only be...
  15. L

    KU vs KSU Brawl

    You hold yourself out as a sophisticated fan of college basketball. So I ask you: Have you EVER seen a guy stand over an opponent like DeSousa did and NOT get shoved? Yet it's the shoving that caused the melee? Please.
  16. L

    KU vs KSU Brawl

    There were 3 escalations: 1) DeSousa takes 4-5 steps to go stand over a KSU player laying on the floor. 99.9% of basketball fans would characterize that as a significant provocation. I've never seen a guy NOT get pushed after that move. Sooo….. 2) KSU players leave the bench and shove...
  17. L


    I suppose you don’t like the ol’ swinging gate play, either.
  18. L

    2019-20 FB Coaching Carousel & Rumors

    So are you in the loop regarding the supposed "confirmed" Urban Meyer sighting in FOCO this week?
  19. L

    ISU vs Iowa

    Pretty sure you have your own forum for this