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  1. Trice

    Ice Storm of 1990

    With the coronavirus pandemic and the possibility of extended time at home, I realized it's been almost exactly 30 years since the ice storm that knocked out power and shut things down for days. That's the closest example I could think of to what the next few weeks might be like if schools end...
  2. Trice

    FS: Sold - 2 lower level, second row for MBB on NYE

    Two seats for Tuesday night's game against Florida A&M. Section 122, row 2. $25 each. Paypal with transfer or cash and meet in Ankeny. Send PM. (edit - these have been sold)
  3. Trice

    FS: sold

  4. Trice

    Winter Storm: Thanksgiving Week Edition

    The usual caveats apply: it's really early yet, things may change, etc. But with next week being a big travel week, better to know early and plan ahead. Plus, as we all know, creating a thread about a coming storm is scientifically proven to reduce its severity. Get your snowblowers ready if...
  5. Trice

    South Dakota: We're "On Meth"

    South Dakota's new tagline for its anti-meth campaign is, "Meth. We're On It" complete with a web site, Actual grown-ups approved this and the governor even recited it on video. This is some ad agency's idea to break through the noise and attract attention, but I'm not sure how...
  6. Trice

    UNI selling beer at FB/MBB games

    I know both ISU and Iowa ADs have expressed reluctance to do this, and I know the revenue isn't as great as people would expect it to be, but it's starting to feel inevitable.
  7. Trice

    Hy-Vee: Where There's a Helpful Credit Card Skimmer in Every Point of Sale Terminal

    I think the Register mentioned the Hy-Vee data breach a week or two ago but this story dives more into the severity of this breach. Not good for Hyde and Vredenburg, not good at all. 1. I'm convinced that nobody out there can protect your data. It's just a matter of when and how severe the...
  8. Trice

    Anyone manage their personal finances by spreadsheet?

    There hasn't been a good personal finance thread in awhile so I thought I'd start one. There's a whole host of good apps and web sites out there to manage your money, but to this day I still use my own spreadsheet to do the job? Anyone else do the same? I think there are a few reasons why I...
  9. Trice

    Somebody needs to break into Walmart and Steal the Damn Surveillance Footage

    I wonder how many people get swept up in this stuff whenever they do these reviews. I wonder how they even know an item is gone without being paid for. Surely they aren't reviewing every transaction. I'm skeptical these guys are doing this by accident but maybe they are. Who knows. Lots of...
  10. Trice

    Hilton renovations going before the BoR next week North and south entrance aesthetic and accessibility improvements Moving concessions to outer concourse walls, adding food options Opening up concourse areas where...
  11. Trice

    2/22-24 Winter Weather Thread

    We're really on one hell of a run here.
  12. Trice

    2/11-12 Winter Weather Thread

    For the love of all that is holy please tell me school won't be cancelled.
  13. Trice

    Home video editing/organization project

    I could use some tips/ideas from anyone who has ever taken on the massive - for me, anyway - project of editing all of your home videos. I'm good with technology but haven't done any video editing. I have videos going back about 12 years. It's about 220GB in total. Perhaps a quarter of that is...
  14. Trice

    RSS feeds no longer working?

    From what I can tell the RSS feed(s) from the forums are no longer working, and haven't been for about four days. I use Feedly and while I can subscribe to the feed, Feedly tells me it is "unreachable." The RSS feed for CF content seems fine.
  15. Trice

    Deck staining

    These threads seem to come up every year so allow me to kick things off in 2018. I have a problem deck and I need help figuring out a plan of attack. Ours is a second-story, 12' x 12' deck. The deck itself is covered by an extended roof but the stairs to the ground are fully exposed. The deck...
  16. Trice

    FS: 2 for Texas - front row, student section

    Can email these immediately. Make me an offer. We have illness in the family and we can't use them.
  17. Trice

    2 free tickets to Western Illinois MBB

    These are in the student section. I can email you the PDFs to print. Sold through the Jr. Cyclone Club, I bought these for my kids and they won't be able to use them. Free to a good home. PM me with your email address.
  18. Trice

    FS: 2 for TCU in section C

    Seeking face value of $65 each but will entertain offers. These are in row 9. PM me.
  19. Trice

    FS: 3 tickets Section C + 2 G7 parking passes for Kansas

    Tickets are together, 2 in row 9 and 1 in row 8. Seeking $20 per ticket and $25 per parking pass.
  20. Trice

    Parking question

    I know when tailgating parking lots open but what time do they close after a game? Is there a point at which you get towed or something? I know RVs and buses can stay overnight but I've never paid attention to cars. And are the rules different on donor/paved lots vs. grass or public parking lots?