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    Wigginton makes world select team

    Nike Hoops Summit - nike announced their 12 man world select team. Wigginton a member
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    Road Conditions .... Help

    Would appreciate any road condition information later this afternoon. I will be traveling from Ankeny to Ames. I will probably not make a decision whether to go or not until 4-5 pm today. Viewing it as 50/50 right now. Thanks in advance.
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    i do not even know how he is doing, but I think we would be a better team if we still had Brady Ernst. Big and strong kid. This team needs some kind of presence in the middle. No inside game combined by a lack of players who can create is hurting our offense right now.
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    Tired of B12 Bashing

    riding around yesterday PM, had on 1460 to get some FB scores. Two guys on FOX bashing the big 12. Said it is dead, Texas and OU are leaving. They said Texas to the BIG, and that they have already made overtures through Nebraska (that sounds fishy). Then they had to get in their shot at us...
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    West Waterloo vs CR Washington

    game tonight. A good friend is going to scout. Two ISU recruits playing against each other. Should be a good game. I originally thoughts CR Wash would probably win, but not so sure now. One common quality opponent, Cedar Falls. CF beat CR Wash but lost to WW. I know comparative scores don't mean...
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    Carson Lensing - Shrine Bowl

    I hear he was the defensive MVP. DId anybody see the game? How did he look? What position did he play? I think there were two other future Clones playing....both walk on I think. How did they look?
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    Anybody Else have these board problems?

    I have two major problems on this board.... 1) Constantly getting the message....."problem occurred with this site and it is reloading." 2) most of the posts I try to read are covered up by a photo of Allen Lazard makes it very hard to post and read any solutions?
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    Need capital city league schedule.... Help

    Ok.... Call me an idiot, but I cannot find the 2016 CCL schedule. I can find 2012 - 2015, but not this years. Appreciate it if someone would post a schedule or a link.
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    Coaches cook off

    Who is going? this is my favorite gridiron club event. lots of good food and mingle time with the coaches. hope to see you there, sign up on line.
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    Cyclone Gridiron Club Event in Kansas City

    The Cyclone Gridiron Club will be hosting an event in Kansas City. Details below When: Thursday, April 21, 2016 5:00-7:00 PM Where: Brooksider Sports Bar and Grill, 6330 Brookside Plaza, Kansas City, Mo. What: Meet Tom Manning, Offensive Coordinator/Offensive line coach Socialize...
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    Cyclone Gridiron Club Event in Sioux City

    The Cyclone Gridiron Club will be holding an event in Sioux City. Details below When: Thursday, April 21, 2016 5:00-7:00 PM Where: Bob Roe's Point After, 2320 Transit Ave, Sioux City, Iowa What: Meet Jon Heacock, Defensive Coordinator/Safeties Coach Socialize with fellow Cyclone...
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    Cyclone Gridiron Club Event in Cedar Rapids

    The Cyclone Gridiron Club is coming to Cedar Rapids again this year. Hope to see you there. Details below: When: Thursday, April 21, 2016 5:00-7:30 pm Where: The Butcher Block, 568 Boyson Rd NE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa What: Meet Tyson Veidt - Associate Head Coach/Linebackers Socialize with past...
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    Lovie Smith to illinois

    Interesting. I know we are planning to recruit the state of Illinois pretty hard.....since things at the university of Illinois have been a total train wreak. Their athletic department is quite messed up....but this might be a good move. Hard to say. The Chicago trib writer blasted the hire...
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    Texas Tech

    If they win tonight, and they should....TCU at Home, they will be tied with us for 6th place. It will be their 5th conference win in a row. If favorites win, we should go 2-1 and they should go 1-2 in the last three games. However, they are hot. Should we end up tied, it will depend on a couple...
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    Tired of our last second offense

    At least good a good shot, or take it to the hole for a foul. I think we need to play through Georges in the clutch. Not happy with CSP's late game coaching. More than one game where we did not get a good shot.
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    Cheikna Dembele

    I see we offered this kid for next year. We are his first power five offer, so I don't know how good he is. Glad to see the staff is trying to find a big man, as I think we are in big trouble next year without more talent in the post. He is listed as 6'9" 220 pounds. I think a big man grad...
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    Terrible defensive team

    We cannot defend
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    Hey Chris Williams.....previous commits?

    chris, or anybody, have any knowledge of what is happening with the commits to the previous staff? also.....December juco signing day is coming up. Are any of them coming, or were they cut loose?
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    Great Time to Join the Cyclone Gridiron Club

    I am on the Gridiron Club BOD. Great time to join! Matt Campbell said he came because of the great fans and great support. Lets show him he made the right choice, and we are the best fans. Join the CGC today! You can learn more about the club, and join on-line at
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    Just posting what we all already know.......a lot of jobs out there, many perceived to be better than the ISU gig. I see football scoop reports that the Toledo coach, Matt Campbell, would likely take the Missouri job if it is offered. I think firing Rhoads is unfortunately the right decision...