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  1. cyclones12321

    Big 12 Rooting Interests This Week

    Appreciate the info. It’s awesome that we’re in this position to discuss scenarios. I just want to beat Texas and the rest can unfold from there
  2. cyclones12321

    EMAW tears in the morning

    Hopefully you have some good virus protection going to that site. I like to go to all the teams sites after wins to see what people are saying but this is one site that will never give anyone respect
  3. cyclones12321

    AP Poll prediction

    I’m sure they’re holding the fort with the sec coverage
  4. cyclones12321

    Will McDonald IV – Iowa State

    Good point. It’s weird that’s how it is but Touche
  5. cyclones12321

    Will McDonald IV – Iowa State

    I must have read the post incorrectly lol. I just thought you meant at any position
  6. cyclones12321

    Will McDonald IV – Iowa State

    Been a while since I’ve seen those names
  7. cyclones12321

    Will McDonald IV – Iowa State

    him and hall
  8. cyclones12321

    2020 B12 referees

    I’ve noticed this too. I thought of it as more respect to where our program has become. I felt the same way when we were building our program in basketball
  9. cyclones12321

    Breece Hall is a grown man

    Sorry if already posted
  10. cyclones12321

    Breece Hall is a grown man

    In Montgomery’s defense, his offensive line has been terrible the last two years. Montgomery and hall would be a hell of a combination in the future
  11. cyclones12321

    Breece Hall is a grown man

    Could have two running backs in the nfl soon. Hopefully that trend would continue
  12. cyclones12321

    TxT Coach Wells talks ISU and other stuff ...

    I only got 7 minutes in but had to quit watching for now. A lot of respect and they hope they can have the continuity that our program has developed
  13. cyclones12321

    ISU opens as 14 pt favorite vs TTU

    Gosh I hope we pull this off. This has a trap game feel
  14. cyclones12321

    Lincoln Riley post game

    Players follow how the coach is. Coach is cool and collected the player is too. Coach is a whiney ass then the player will be too
  15. cyclones12321

    Lincoln Riley post game

    Seems to think the refs had a lot to do with their loss. Also everyone giving ou crap like they lost to a bad team
  16. cyclones12321

    Excellent coaching and the training facility

    It felt like we over looked Louisiana and they wanted it more. Absolute trap game from the start
  17. cyclones12321

    QUICK RECAP: Cyclones shock No. 18 Sooners 37-30 for first home win in the series since 1960

    It was a fun game to watch! Thought the fans did a good job too and it was nice to watch a game with fans and not cardboard
  18. cyclones12321

    **** YEAH!!!!

    Fun game to watch
  19. cyclones12321

    Is Monte the Real GOAT of ISU MBB?

    Man man should be starting but oh well he’s killing it and is playing when it matters