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  1. SNEDDS3

    Fake turf for the win.......

    Seems like they could get some help since they help all those farmers. Sorry if already posted. I do not scroll through all ISR threads.
  2. SNEDDS3

    WTB: Looking for 1 for the hawkroach game

    Not looking to pay through the nose if possible. I live in Bellevue and would like to attend the game. Hoping maybe one of you may have an extra. If it needs to be asked, yes I am a Cyclone fan. Slide into my DMs if you can help out.
  3. SNEDDS3

    Off-season not-so-news

    My friend/co-worker discovered a peanut butter-less Reese's and it went viral.Pretty funny in the office. Thought some you might get a kick out of it.
  4. SNEDDS3

    Shooting at Tech
  5. SNEDDS3

    MLB: ***Official Yankees Postseason Thread***

    Thursday night, 6:38pm CST. Sonny Gray vs Trevor Bauer The Tribe is solid. Yankees need Sonny to go deeper than 1/3 inning. Can't rely on the homer all of the time. Should be an interesting series. Go Yankees!
  6. SNEDDS3

    Big dance: hok edition. #7 hoks v #10 hooters

    Welp, last time I did this the hoks put on an amazing show. Don't fail my brackets now and decide to play D-1 ball. Tip @ 2:10 on TruTV (lol).
  7. SNEDDS3

    B1G tourney: #5 Hoks vs #12 Illini

    I have my Illini shirt on. Keep up the good work mad Francis and the bipolar hoks.
  8. SNEDDS3

    UNI v SIU: MVC Tourney

    Anyone gonna watch? Just watch Wichita St win. I hate them for some reason. Go UNI now. Help our RPI little purple hoks.
  9. SNEDDS3

    Popeye's Chicken in Cedar Rapids... keepin it real. (NSFW)

  10. SNEDDS3

    MLB Hall Of Fame Vote: Ken Griffey Jr. record votes

    Griff is in with the most votes, 437 out of 440. 99.32%. Impressive! Do the names of voters get released to the public? I'd like to know who the 3 that didn't vote him in were and why. I really thought he'd be unanimous. Thoughts?
  11. SNEDDS3

    We lost a game....boohoo...

    It's a long season and in most systems it happens. So what!? ISU still has a basketball team that will win some more games...I promise! Honestly, let the purp nurp have their day again. They wont be there in March. ISU bball will be fine.
  12. SNEDDS3

    Anybody with any coin knowledge around here? (Not chiz coins A-holes)

    I came across some old coins in some family stuff and I have no idea what any of it is worth. Lots of random nickles, dimes, etc..... The one I have a question about is this dollar coin from 1898. Can anyone provide some info?
  13. SNEDDS3

    JUCO brawl Lol at the guy staying far away from the action on the right side of video.
  14. SNEDDS3

    Kevin Hart - 2 tix FS

    Date: Oct. 3rd Where: Carver-Hawkeye Seat: Gen Admin I paid $180 for the pair but now I cannot go. I am willing to take offers, I would like to recoup some of what I spent. If any interest, please message me. Let the Carver shaming commence.
  15. SNEDDS3

    Your first CF post.

    The first started thread thread got me thinking about my first and its a doozie. "I'm sure some Hawk fan will take credit for killing it." First post in month 2 of joining. When and what was yours?
  16. SNEDDS3

    Anyone dealt with Cunat property management?

    On Monday I got notice that they would be black topping the parking on Wednesday and that we had to have all cars removed by 4pm on Tuesday or otherwise face towing expenses, blah blah blah......well it's Wednesday night and supposedly I am able to park in my lot at 10 am this coming...
  17. SNEDDS3

    No No: A Dockumentary

    Just got done watching this on netflix. It's the story of Dock Ellis, a MLB pitcher. What a crazy roller coaster story. I consider myself a fairly versed baseball guy but I have never heard this this story before. Very interesting film. Not sad I watched it. I am a guy that has a past of...
  18. SNEDDS3

    White morel mushrooms. Are they safe?

    My mother lives in Ft. Dodge and found multiple white morel mushrooms. As a family we have been finding morels for decades and have never ever seen these bad boys. Anyone have experience with these?
  19. SNEDDS3

    O's vs White sox

    Anybody watching this game today? It's so surreal with nobody there. Some die-hards are at the gates cheering.
  20. SNEDDS3

    Who wants to help market ISU?

    I need retweets and we can get these made for ISU. Chill pucks! Kinda cool. I have one on the way but would love to see them make Cyclone ones. Also one of these guys went to ISU. So if you don't mind, please retweet the below tweet. Chill Puck ‏@TheChillPuck 2h2 hours agoScottsdale, AZ TY...