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  1. isukendall

    ESPN Dabo article feat. CMC

    Matt Campbell has some interesting quotes in this article about Dabo Swinney's coaching style. I like it...
  2. isukendall

    Cord Cutter - recording or rewatching GameDay??

    I'm a cord cutter with Sling and ESPN package. Wife will be out of town for work (impressively, at an SEC football game) and will miss the ESPN College GameDay show. She's asking to DVR it. It appears ESPN does not allow for DVR on Sling ( and...
  3. isukendall

    Getting to 6 wins??? TRAP GAMES

    Three wins down, three to go. Where do they come from? Right now, Kansas and Baylor look like the most easy wins, although in this league nothing is a given. Where does the other win come from? As my wife pointed out, look for trap games, where our opponent had a bigger game to look at the week...
  4. isukendall

    Audio Stream for Saturday??

    Haven't had to do this for awhile, but I'm flying into Boise on Saturday, and my plane lands when the game starts. What are my options to stream the game audio? Might try to stop at a sports bar or go to the Boise gamewatch, but I will need to be on the road as I'm heading to a wedding later...
  5. isukendall

    ISU Club Wrestling - Conference Champs

    I coach in the Great Plains Conference of the NCWA (National Collegiate Wrestling Association) - the governing association for club wrestling teams across the country. While this is not the varsity team, I wanted to start a thread recognizing the ISU Wrestling Club Team. In their second year of...
  6. isukendall

    ISU club wrestling

    Nice article below about the ISU club wrestling team. I am the head coach of the Colorado State University club team, and have helped some of the leadership in the ISU team get up and running. Their numbers and talent are impressive for only their second year in the league, which I attribute to...
  7. isukendall

    SJSU @ ISU on Sling TV??

    I have both blue and yellow packages for Sling, with the sports add-on. Sounds like my Sling package has FS1 and FS2, but not FSN (which is the channel for the game). Anyone know of any other channels available that may have the game? Any way to stream online otherwise?
  8. isukendall

    Night game - BAD IDEA

    Let's talk for a bit about how collectively hammered Iowa City is going to be at the beginning of the game. Over/under on the number of alcohol related arrests tomorrow? Over/under on VodkaSam's BAC at 6pm? I'm honestly predicting that this never happens again (ISU vs. Iowa night game).
  9. isukendall

    Rental property - depreciation

    Seeking some tax advice from the general CF public. Yes, I realize it is late in the game, but just trying to further my understanding. Wife and I bought a townhouse in 2008 for $133k. Lived in it until this summer, and bought and moved into an upgrade house, but kept the townhouse for a rental...
  10. isukendall

    Game time for Saturday?

    Anyone have any idea on what game time will be, or when they will announce it? Was at the Iona game, lots of cardinal and gold!! Debating on 2nd game, tickets are not cheap....
  11. isukendall

    Denver - which session are we in?

    We live an hour from Denver and are definitely going to the game on Thursday. Just can't figure out which session we need to buy tickets for. Any advice?
  12. isukendall

    The Ski Party Formerly Known as VEISHEA West

    It's that time of year again! Hope to see some of you there at Arapahoe Basin this Saturday.
  13. isukendall

    ***OFFICIAL*** basketball is over, fire up for football thread ***

    At least we have football to look forward to, right? :jimlad:
  14. isukendall

    Big 12 Tiebreaker Rules

    Looked around on Saturday for the official tiebreaker rules. From what I could collect, it goes to: 1) Best conference record 2) Head to head After that, it gets a little fuzzy. Since we split with Kansas, it's very possible that if we win out and they win out, it could go to 3. Can anyone...
  15. isukendall

    NES Videogame Major Accomplishments

    Going off of the video games you could never beat thread - what are games that you HAVE beat and/or did you ever do it in unique ways to make more challenging? I have a few examples I remember: 1) Beat Legend of Zelda without a sword. You don't have to pick up the sword at the beginning. You...
  16. isukendall

    ISU vs. Kansas gamewatch bingo

    I am the host for the Fort Collins CO area gamewatches (if you are in the area, come to Slider's for the game). I am thinking of making bingo cards specifically for the Kansas game, loosely based on cards I've seen from WRNL (thanks for the ideas guys). I will make an Excel spreadsheet that...
  17. isukendall

    VEISHEA West 2014 (Colorado) - Arapahoe Basin Ski Area

    To anyone in the Colorado area, or if you would like a fun April vacation, come to the 4th Annual VEISHEA West, at Arapahoe Basin Ski Area. We will have two spots on the "beach", food and drink, tailgating, and a ton of fun. Saturday, April 12. Please register here, so we know how many...
  18. isukendall

    Cyclones premium phone app?

    I'm going to be in a flight during the game, was planning on listening through the phone app, but noticed it had been deleted from my phone. I downloaded the free version, but it will not let me access the premium version and I cannot find it on Google Play. Any suggestions? Motorola RAZR maxx hd
  19. isukendall

    Overseas travel - phone usage

    I'm traveling to China for two weeks. Would like to bring my smartphone (Motorola Razr Maxx HD) and use only for calls and texts, but no 3G/4G data. I would plan to use free wireless when available for my internet needs. I've heard horror stories about people going overseas and getting totally...
  20. isukendall

    Football on Your Phone - Manning brothers rap

    Thought this was pretty funny. Been waiting for a long time to watch football games on my phone. I don't get into NFL, but can't wait until something like this is available for college football, which I would guess isn't far away.