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  1. ribsnwhiskey

    Stay away from my lady friend!

  2. ribsnwhiskey

    Aliens? This is interesting.
  3. ribsnwhiskey

    2017 budget

    Link to BoR upcoming meeting agenda with proposed 2017 AD budget for informational purposes.
  4. ribsnwhiskey

    Bergstrom Complex Saw this listed on the current projects list. Good to see the continued facilities development.
  5. ribsnwhiskey

    More Penn State problems These 2 coaches sound like complete pieces of ****. And I love the administrations response. I'd love to see what...
  6. ribsnwhiskey

    7 scholarship players?

    I know, its Pandy, and I shouldn't even read his columns, but I did anyway. WTH is he talking about here: I get that part of it, but moving on ... How many scholarship players will Iowa State have on its bench for that Vandy game? Right now, it will be seven, although Prohm hasn’t ruled...
  7. ribsnwhiskey


    Anyone in central Iowa use Trugreen? They've yet to show up at my house after calling 3 different times to tell me I was on the schedule the next day. Calling customer service does nothing because they are in a call center somewhere. I'd like to have a discussion with the Ankeny branch...
  8. ribsnwhiskey

    Tennis facility

    I know nobody cares about the womens tennis program, but I still think its interesting when a new facility is being proposed. Ames Racquet & Fitness sold their old facility and is building a new one sans indoor courts. Pretty sad that was being used as a D1 college sports programs facilities...
  9. ribsnwhiskey

    Texas/UNI thread

    Hook 'em.
  10. ribsnwhiskey

    More re-development

    I heard about this a while back but wasn't sure when it would happen. Too bad they didn't give the business owners more than a month to re-locate.
  11. ribsnwhiskey

    Make sure to boo extra loud tonight

    And as often as possible. Gotta live up to the rep!
  12. ribsnwhiskey

    Leonard Johnson playing for pats

    Just picked up. Having a good game. Didn't see anything else posted about him. Just fyi.
  13. ribsnwhiskey

    2 for sale, section 25, row 30

    Got 2 extras that family can't make it to. Would prefer to sell to ISU fans. $150 for the pair. Section 25, row 30, seats 6&7 PM me if interested
  14. ribsnwhiskey


    I shop there too.
  15. ribsnwhiskey

    Here it is

    I guess the off-market sale thing didn't go through. Now any peon can live in Hoya's old house.,pf_pt/93951145_zpid/30210_rid/pricea_sort/42.267401,-93.346024,41.83606,-93.920746_rect/10_zm/
  16. ribsnwhiskey

    Ebola vaccine NewLink is based in Ames at the research park. They played some part in the development/trials.
  17. ribsnwhiskey

    Cyclone Sidebar

    About Bill Frieder. Thought it was pretty good. SIAP
  18. ribsnwhiskey

    Top 10 PGs

    According to Myron SIAP
  19. ribsnwhiskey


    Pretty nice little article about LE, from USA Today (ironically found on the Rag's website). Love that he's in the situation he is. SIAP
  20. ribsnwhiskey

    What is wrong with this picture?

    Top 25 Games TIME (ET) MATCHUP TV PPV MOBILE TICKETS 5:00 PM Missouri vs (2) Arizona* Buy on StubHub 8:00 PM Rider at (5) Kansas 495 available from $27 7:00 PM Savannah St at (7) Louisville Buy on StubHub 7:00 PM (12) Villanova vs (15) Virginia Commonwealth* Buy on...