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    When do you think you will buy a 100% pure electric vehicle?

    Why is JD advertising a blue Mad3 disc or whatever that is? Is it a subsidiary?
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    Will ISU make a Bowl Game? YES! Which One?

    Well done, C4M.
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    ***WBB Gameday vs St. Thomas (7 pm)***

    That’s what Bill said this week.
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    Will ISU make a Bowl Game? YES! Which One?

    The real charade has lasted for years. Big10 east actually has to play the sacrificial lamb from the west. This year is only a 23.5 point spread. What a joke.
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    Will ISU make a Bowl Game? YES! Which One?

    No part of me wants the hoks to win, ever. It would be close if they ever played BYU, but I’d still have to take the Cougars.
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    Cooper DeJean injured?

    Hand size? I’ll just go by what Bud Grant told me was his number one attribute for CBs—“They better be able to run.”
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    Cooper DeJean injured?

    Slow 40 times if you are going to play CB in the NFL are not "meaningless".
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    Cooper DeJean injured?

    Let’s see what their combine numbers look like first.
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    Transfer Portal Tracker

    So he’ll make more than Brock Purdy next year….
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    Last Year's Bowl Prediction Accuracy Analysis

    Fun info. A lot of attention is given to McMurphy in the bowl threads, but it looks like Liberty or Independence with these three guys.
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    Never had to wear the trash can, huh?
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    ***2023 Minnesota Vikings***

    Agree. Don’t think he would consider anything close to the $20 million mentioned earlier in the thread. Kirk will start negotiations with that $38 million figure, IMO.
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    ***2023 Minnesota Vikings***

    He was bad, but the o-line joined Dobbs with a pretty pathetic performance.
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    ***2023 Minnesota Vikings***

    Both sides are saying the right things publicly, but I don’t think Kirk is a discount type of guy. Never has been. He’ll want closer to three years for $100 million. What is the franchise tag number now?
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    ***2023 Minnesota Vikings***

    Mobility would be same as it always has been.
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    ***2023 Minnesota Vikings***

    All depends on the price tag.
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    ***2023 Minnesota Vikings***

    Dobbs needs more vertical route play calls.
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    I was pissed and I’m hurting

    Dresser admitted the corner lost at least one match. Will one of the three be the designated ‘riding time coach’ going forward?
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    Jeremiah Cooper NIL representation

    Could be, but with no public accounting on NIL programs, what is your assumption based on?
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    *** Official IOWA STATE vs #12 Texas A&M Game(Day) Thread ***

    After the Tech loss, I‘d be surprised to see us ranked.