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    Transfer Portal Tracker

    You are way, way, way to high.
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    ***WBB vs Syracuse (1 pm CT)***

    I have been saying this for months. I fail to see a winning guard combination for us. We needed a quality portal guard.
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    Twister Sister Summary - Go on the road...repeat

    We lack guards.
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    Proud of the team tonight!

    Agree with most of this. Texas D line was outstanding. Their dominance over our OL was the determining factor in the game. They also have multiple NFL wide receivers on that team. We probably have none. For the most part we did well against them. Just glad to be done with them. I do not wish...
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    *** WBB: Cyclones At Drake at 2:00 pm ESPN+ ****

    Crooks is a very big defensive liability. We need to play zone if she is in the game.
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    *** WBB: Cyclones At Drake at 2:00 pm ESPN+ ****

    No - I think it’s going to be a long season. We have a lot of weaknesses. All foreseeable - especially with Ryan out . I do think we will improve with experience. Drake is good. Way tougher than us. Edit: we showed a lot of spunk. I thought Joens triggered the comeback - really came out and...
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    ***Kansas Game Week Thread***

    Rewatch Ohio game
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    Future Big 12 FB Opponents/Schedule Announced

    I like the idea of not manufacturing a protects rivalry. We do not have anybody so just schedule. Only - BYU/Utah, Arizona/state, KU/KSU THATS ALL I SEE. Do not fabricate rivals.
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    Campbell vs Prime

    Totally agree I am not naive enough to think otherwise. But, for example, I think CMC cares. Seems possible to be both, or at least pretend to be. CMC will eventually be fired if he loses, regardless of “culture.” Again - not sure Prime cares.
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    Campbell vs Prime

    Some opinions: I prefer CMC. Mixed emotions on Prime. Prime understands building a brand in todays environment. Real salesman. That includes his own brand as well as CU. In many ways they are the same. Prime has a lot of recruiting ability. Just signed a big time QB over Alabama. I would assume...
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    Travis Kelce lost a bet and had to show up to a presser wearing a Cy mascot head

    I really like him. Great guy. Seems like a good sport too. Everybody looks good with a Cy head.
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    Game Thoughts TCU

    That running back is a big time player. Yes, we missed tackles, but he is a stud. Even fairly early in the game I said if I was TCU I would run the ball every play. Glad they did not. Good win. I have been disappointed with our LB play. Even Vaughn. The other guys are super young. I think they...
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    Predictions for the 23-24 season

    16-9 overall - regular season
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    Shoutout Rocco Becht

    Agree Just watched the Ohio game. Rocco was good - the least of our offensive problems
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    Copium Time

    Like your optimism, but Kansas is good. Running QB’s hurt us - like Ohio did.
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    Campbell vs Prime

    I predict they will destroy Nebraska. I watched half of the TCU game. They have some great talent. Love him or hate him he understands modern college football. Sadly , many of the good things of the past no longer exist. Just big business and Sanders intends to win, maybe at all costs.
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    CMC Roster by Region

    First - I always like Paul Rhoads. But he recruited way too many Texas kids that nobody else wanted. Love the current geographic recruiting strategy for both FB and MBB.
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    Projected 10 man rotation for 23-24 season

    You have the right 10 imo. Disagree a little on line ups. But tough to figure out. Several guys will play multiple positions . Gilbert will be the backup point, but may start at the 2. Omaha pIays 3 and 4. I think sometimes we play big and sometimes small. Nice to have a lot of options for a...
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    2023-24 ISU WBB Season Thread

    Actually, I am very depressed, but that is another story.