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    Plundering the Portal

    I did a quick scan, but I think that's right, with 1.3 interceptions per game this season (9th in the country). I don't think any other season was over 1. Also, maybe a bit surprisingly, the offense this season had the fewest turnovers per game in the Campbell era besides for the 2017 season...
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    *** Official IOWA STATE vs #19 Kansas State Game(Day) Thread ***

    2020 was the only one of those 4 years that Northwestern averaged significantly higher yards per completion (a proxy for "throwing downfield") at 11.8 than Rocco had against Iowa this year (8.8). The other years were very similar to Rocco's yards per completion this year (2018: 8.1, 2017: 9.1...
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    *** Official IOWA STATE vs #19 Kansas State Game(Day) Thread ***

    Northwestern gave Iowa fits by passing the ball? In Northwestern's last four wins against Iowa (2020, 2018, 2017, 2016), the closest run-pass ratio was 46 runs to 36 passes in 2017. In 2020, Northwestern had 60(!!) runs to 18 passes.
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    *** Official IOWA STATE vs #19 Kansas State Game(Day) Thread ***

    I'd argue that you're the one being obtuse considering you pretty much ignored everything I said. I did say that the play calling improved. They did adapt and they also adapted as players have developed this season. But I also believe that every game depends a lot more on execution than play...
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    *** Official IOWA STATE vs #12 Texas A&M Game(Day) Thread ***

    I'm not sure what to think moving forward. I think this team is a way better shooting team than we saw this weekend. And even though they were missing all of them, MM, Curtis Jones, and Pav all got very good looks on many of their missed shots. But at some point, what you see is what you get and...
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    *** Official IOWA STATE vs #19 Kansas State Game(Day) Thread ***

    Will you at least admit that the RBs averaging 2.8 yards per carry against Iowa is massively different than the 0.5 yards per carry that you originally claimed? If you do that on first and second down to make it a 3rd and 4, it doesn't exactly seem like an automatic turnover to me. If you liked...
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    *** Official IOWA STATE vs #19 Kansas State Game(Day) Thread ***

    I'm just saying if you're going to cite stats in your criticism (whether current or retrospective criticism), you should make some attempt to be accurate with them.
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    *** Official IOWA STATE vs #19 Kansas State Game(Day) Thread ***

    The Ohio game is the only one where that statement is accurate, when the RBs combined for 13 carries for 11 yards (0.84 ypc). Against Iowa, RBs had 29 carries for 83 yards (2.86 ypc). Against OSU, 29 carries for 78 yards (2.69 ypc). Let's throw Kansas in, too, when the RBs had 21 carries for 80...
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    *** Official IOWA STATE vs #19 Kansas State Game(Day) Thread ***

    Just to add, the Texas game is the only game where Iowa State averaged anything around 0.6 yards per carry (0.4 ypc). Against Iowa, they averaged 2.8, Ohio was 1.7. Not that those numbers are good (and I thought they ran way too much against Ohio until I learned how sick Rocco apparently was)...
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    Is Snowmageddon 2023 in the top 5 ISU Football games of all time

    "Top 5" is just a really vague descriptor. It's not close to the top 5 for best wins or most impactful wins. But it's definitely the most memorable game of this season, and among the most memorable games of the Campbell era. For example, the Oklahoma win early in 2020 was a huge win that...
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    Tracking games played by the true freshmen

    I thought Patton and Surges played very nicely filling in for Verdon last night. In those conditions, it's easy to overrun a play and not be able to adjust when an offensive player cuts (as seen from K-State's defense), but those guys and the entire defense were very disciplined, for the most...
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    Gonzaga to join the Big 12?

    I agree a bit with your long-term questions, because Few retiring will definitely be a big deal. But I do think that being in the Big 12 can elevate them to continue to compete. (Look at TCU basketball, for example.) But I do want to dispute the notion of Gonzaga getting more favorable seeds...
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    Twister Sister Summary - Ladies come out firing in win

    I feel pretty confident Jackson will be a good shooter with some time to adjust. In high school, she shot well over 40% over her career on high volume (normally I don't rely on high school stats, but Iowa is an exception since every game is recorded on gobound). I imagine she's just in a slump...
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    *** Official Grambling State vs IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Not super pivotal playing time, but I believe there might have been a lineup out there for just a bit in the second half, after Jones and King were out for good, that had Biliew playing the 5 with Watson and MM both still on the court as well. Then it wasn't too long before Fish came in and...
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    *** Official #7 Texas (SAMSUBA) vs IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    I was curious, too, after seeing it in the stadium. The play is linked at the time stamp here: On a skim of the kicking section and a search for the word "snapper" in the rule book, the main relevant rules are that the defensive players have to be lined up outside the frame of the snapper...
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    *** Official Grambling State vs IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    It's pretty crazy. According to basketball reference, today will only be his 8th game since leaving Iowa State. This year is essentially his fourth attempt to play a senior season.
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    Biggest Dumpster Fire

    My gut says Dresser, though Campbell is close. But in Kevin Jackson's final year, Iowa State's dual record was 1-12, and they got 1 team point at the NCAA championships for a finish of 57th place. I don't know a ton about wrestling, but I'm pretty sure that's bad and a historic fall off a cliff...
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    *** Official Idaho State vs IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Funny how you didn't bold the parenthetical noting that we have actually seen him make those kinds of shots. In fact, 2/3 of his 3-point makes are on shots you have described as bad shots. Maybe that lends some evidence to the idea that they aren't bad shots for him. If you watch his highlights...
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    *** Official Idaho State vs IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Just because I felt like it and apparently have too much time on my hands to spend on message board arguments, here's documentation of Curtis Jones's three-point attempts yesterday: Attempt #1: Pull-up shot in transition. He probably could have held on to see if something developed with Biliew...
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    Men’s BB eligibility

    For me, this is the biggest reason why it's so great to have Rock on campus a year early. By portal season, TJ will have a really good idea of how Rock is developing and acclimating to going up against tough Big 12 upperclassmen like Ward, Jones, and King. It'll help determine whether Otz is...