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  1. AllInForISU

    Building New Home

    I put one in my house but I was able to use gas which is ideal as an electric can draw over 100 amps. Also, depends on how many stories/how big your house is. It takes a lot longer for hot water to get to the location depending on placement of the water heater. Once it gets there it is...
  2. AllInForISU

    Wisconsin denying current spring seniors possible 2021 eligibility

    People are going to hate this. I personally don't have a problem with it. If they want to continue in their athletics, find another college. If they don't want to play anywhere but Wisconsin, start your adult life like you would have done anyway. The only thing is they don't get closure in their...
  3. AllInForISU

    Tips for Building a New Home

    I agree with this. 2 years ago I bought a 1300 sf house 4 br 2 bath for under 200k. Now the basement is going to be finished with another bedroom/bathroom/family room. Everything in total will be less than 250k. Also, going cheap is not something you want to do on a house. I work in the...
  4. AllInForISU

    Blum: Cyclone Rewind, 2014 Big 12 Tournament

    This was one of my favorite memories. Me and 3 of my buddies got all session passes, not knowing what would be in store for the Cyclones. We were committed to staying even if the Cyclones lost. Obviously, they never did. My favorite thing about the trip was snatching up 19 extra tickets from...
  5. AllInForISU

    Survivor: Winners at War

    The issue that the tribe has though, which I feel you may be overlooking, is the challenges. Yes, Rob struggled in the last puzzle challenge, but overall he is a monster in challenges. He single handedly kept them in the second challenge by launching people over the obstacle. They need him to...
  6. AllInForISU

    Cyclones Gear/Collectibles Swap

    I just started painting these. If anyone is interested in something of the sort let me know. I would be willing to do any team or logo. PM me for details or ideas and I will get back to you. This piece of wood is 34 inches wide by 9 inches tall for reference.
  7. AllInForISU

    Has Campbell Plateaued?

    I would like to see Enyi bulk up a little and move inside to DT. He either needs to do that or figure out how to get faster because he was stuck in mud this year it seemed. Have a rotation of Enyi, the JC transfer at DT with Peterson, Bailey, McDonald at DE (I'm sure I am forgetting someone who...
  8. AllInForISU


    Someone has been watching too much Iowa HS basketball. Posting up your big guy on the block regularly doesn't work at this level of basketball. Conditt will get the majority of his points by running the floor, pick and roll, and getting offensive boards with the occasional mismatch post up.
  9. AllInForISU

    Can we get a QB sneak installed in this offense?

    For reference
  10. AllInForISU

    Can we get a QB sneak installed in this offense?

    I don't know if I missed this in previous posts but they did run a sneak under center earlier this year on a 4th and 2 against West Virginia so it is in the playbook
  11. AllInForISU

    CPR new DC @ Arizona

    If they kneeled (knelt?) 3 times there would have been like 9 seconds left or something. IIRC he said his game manager sheet or whatever said to run a play. He ran with Warren, Warren fumbled and KSU scored. Next possession starts at the 27 with 15 seconds left, they decide to try inexplicably...
  12. AllInForISU

    Star Wars episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker

    Not only that, but a VCR was almost 1300 dollars in 1977. Not an option for most people. Like you said, you either saw it in the theater or you didn't see it.
  13. AllInForISU

    Halftime Shows & Forest at JTS

    Remember the magicians or comedians or whatever they were a few years back? That probably is the reason the halftime shows stopped. That was terrible.
  14. AllInForISU

    All Things Notre Dame

    A lot of Iowa fans/students, from what I understand, are the Illinois kids who couldn't get into U of Illinois. Most kids growing up in Illinois had to deal with the handful of d-bag Notre Dame fans that thought they were better than everyone else. At least thats what I dealt with growing up in...
  15. AllInForISU

    *** Official Alabama VS IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Happy thanksgiving everyone! Let's eat! Beat Bama!
  16. AllInForISU

    FS: 1 Ticket $25

    1 ticket for sale Section N row 10. Aisle Seat. Can electronically transfer.
  17. AllInForISU

    Iowa State vs Oregon State TV question

    This statement doesn't make sense. If all the sports are on TV why does streaming matter? Also, how do you think streaming has destroyed your enjoyment of watching sports? No one is making you stream it.
  18. AllInForISU

    Iowa State vs Oregon State TV question

    Sign up for free trial. Choose the cheapest package, click "start free trial". On the next page you will see "Sports Plus with NFL Redzone". Click that. Click "continue to last step". Enter your credit card information. Click "Start Watching FuboTV". Enjoy. You have 7 days to cancel...
  19. AllInForISU

    Iowa State vs Oregon State TV question

    Fubo has a free trial, just pick the lowest priced package and add on the sports pack. Still free.