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  1. cyclonespiker33

    8/10 weather

    Cedar Rapids got absolutely shat on
  2. cyclonespiker33

    Bought a bidet a few weeks ago

    I kinda dig it, ya know?
  3. cyclonespiker33

    Bought a bidet a few weeks ago

    I bought a bidet attachment on amazon for $22 and have no regrets. The cold water was a shock the first time I used it but I adjusted quickly. It's also a great way to wake up after my morning poop. I don't even need coffee (okay, I've never needed coffee).
  4. cyclonespiker33

    Bought a bidet a few weeks ago

    I've had my bidet for about a year. Combined with the squatty potty, my poop game has never been better!
  5. cyclonespiker33

    8/10 weather

    Yeah, I'm in the same boat. I'd like the comfort of knowing the AC came on for the dog. I basically boarded up the windows to prevent any sun from coming in.
  6. cyclonespiker33

    8/10 weather

    Anybody complaining about any sirens yesterday is out of touch with reality. On another note, are there any Beaverdale residents with power restored today?
  7. cyclonespiker33

    8/10 weather

    Pics or link? Somebody told me something similar.
  8. cyclonespiker33

    Misc: ***Official 2020 PGA Tour***

    I love Brooks punking Bryson, I'm the one that has posted multiple videos in this thread of Brooks making fun of Bryson. But note, Brooks didn't start paying attention to Bryson until he became a threat.
  9. cyclonespiker33

    Misc: ***Official 2020 PGA Tour***

    Brooks won his first major at 27 years old, Bryson is 26 now. Brooks played in 15 majors before winning one. Bryson has played in 14 majors.
  10. cyclonespiker33

    Misc: ***Official 2020 PGA Tour***

    Based on his actions, it could be argued that Bryson lives rent free in Brooks' head
  11. cyclonespiker33

    Friday OT #2 - Avatar (But Not By James Cameron)

    I was really hoping this would be about The Last Airbender. Anyway... My avatar is a picture of Cyclone Alley while throwing confetti at the start of a game against Kansas during my time in school. I'm in the picture. I've had the picture as my avatar since day 1
  12. cyclonespiker33

    Misc: ***Official 2020 PGA Tour***

    I think other players get annoyed by his antics. He's a bit of a whiner who acts like he's the smartest guy in the room (which he very well may be) and he plays very slow.
  13. cyclonespiker33

    Misc: ***Official 2020 PGA Tour***

    I don't even dislike Bryson as much as the average person, but can I tell you how much I love Brooks?
  14. cyclonespiker33

    2020 Fall Volleyball Schedule

    This is the only thing I've seen, but it's a couple weeks old so it may already be outdated.
  15. cyclonespiker33

    How many texts does Steve Prohm send in a day?

    In high school when I would text all the time because I was super cool, my max number of texts in a month was about 13,000 or ~430 per day.
  16. cyclonespiker33

    Worst Fruit?

    I eat two stalks of celery every week (with hummus and PB) and this never happens to me. Maybe you need to learn how to swallow better.
  17. cyclonespiker33

    Covid vaccine trial - my experience

    Go on...
  18. cyclonespiker33

    Massive explosion in Beirut

    That's wild
  19. cyclonespiker33

    MLB: 2020 Chicago Cubs Season Thread

    Several years ago, hockey changed their overtime to a 3 v 3 format for 5 minutes, followed by a shootout in regular season games.