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    ***Official 2023 Transfer Thread***

    Best wishes Eli, will be excited to see where you land and watch you develop!
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    49er's - Cowboys

    Special teams play like that probably make Purdy feel comfortable like he’s back in college at ISU
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    Sweet Caroline

    Get rid of it for basketball entirely. Not a good call to play it today at the end of an incredibly energetic game. Juicy Wiggle at the end of today’s game would have been so much better. It’s fine at the end of football wins but I really think the University needs to move forward with Juicy...
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    Favorite downhill ski gear (jackets/pants)

    Well maybe that’s the difference I’m only just over a year removed from broke college student and I really don’t care about being cold ‍lol. a flask up on the mountain helps with warmth too ;)
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    Favorite downhill ski gear (jackets/pants)

    I mean all the stuff I just listed is waterproof, with good layering underneath for warmth. And when you’re skiing hopefully you’re generating more body heat than usual. Again, no need to pay so much.
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    Favorite downhill ski gear (jackets/pants)

    Personally I have some thin snow pants I bought for $30 from dicks with long underwear and gym shorts underneath them. For the top, whatever cheap hoodie is on the top of my drawer goes underneath the typical north face jacket you’ve been able to buy at dicks or scheels that you can also wear...
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    Joe Burrow and Others purchasing Iowa Farm Land

    20k only if the APH on that land is bonkers
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    CFP Championship - Frawgs vs Dawgs

    Wanted TCU to keep it close but in some ways I'm glad they didn't because it meant I could turn the game off and was able to get to bed at a reasonable time.
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    *** Tuesday at the movies ***

    Just watched The Menu and the main villain character says he’s from Waterloo, Iowa, which is where both myself and my girlfriend are from. Thought that was quite a coincidence.
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    49ers - Brock Purdy

    Kittle putting up monster numbers once Purdy comes in is so interesting to me. Purdy seems to love throwing to tight ends. I suppose it helps that Kittle is one of the best TEs in the league too
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    Great puzzle-platform adventure games

    it takes two is the best coop game i have ever played and is all puzzles and platforming. my gf, who is only nominally interested in video games, also enjoys it a lot.
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    kid friendly PS5 games

    get her on rocket league early. most of the pros in that game are 15 and get paid well into the six figures to play it professionally. kid friendly also as long as you turn the text and voice chat off
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    ***CFB Transfer Portal 2022-23 thread***

    good get for us, needed some LB depth. I think he will be starting next year, or am I wrong?
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    Who would win a deathmatch between Dwight Shrute and a bobcat?

    Weight class difference, especially if the human is clothed. I’ve gone up against enough house cats in my day I think I could take one. Not sure how I would finish the job with no weapons and in a padded box tho. Would be hard to strangle it
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    Jeff Meyers is out as Offensive Line Coach - Who do we replace him with?

    Are Jim Harding or Studrawa realistic? Harding especially is at another P5 team for 9 seasons and they are having success. I don’t see why he would move. Studrawa will probably also have other offers.
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    2022/23 Coaching Staff Changes

    Yeah I think turning into some air raid team is ill advised. Our focus on a strong run game, tight ends, short throws is how we compete with more talented teams.
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    2022/23 Coaching Staff Changes

    Golesh is making $1.2 million/yr and I'm sure it would cost a heck of a lot more than that to pull him away from Tennessee after the season they had. We aren't getting Golesh, let's be realistic.
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    *** Official IOWA STATE vs #1 North Carolina Game(Day) Thread ***

    Refs like this aren’t in the Big 12. We’ll struggle to defend if the whistle is always this loose, especially when the talent deficit is as large as it is today.