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    Greensboro, NC to Knoxville, TN: ~4.5 Hours

    Just drove through Ashville on 40 heading to Hilton Head. Really slow around Ashville due to bridge construction. Added nearly an hour to our trip.
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    *** Official IOWA STATE vs #3 Kansas Game(Day) Thread ***

    They took Gabe out of the second half with really good defense and we lack that guy like Wilson who can go get buckets. **** really stepped up with some really tough shots.
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    Restaurants in Ames.

    We went there tonight..good food and service.
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    ***#23 Iowa State at Kansas (Wed., 7:00)***

    Defense and rebounding killing us. We absolutely have no size and really slow to rebounds. Great effort to come back.
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    ***#23 Iowa State at Kansas (Wed., 7:00)***

    Easier to make them when nobody even sttempts to guard them.
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    ***#22 Iowa State at Baylor (Sat., 5:00)***

    Unbelievable how poorly Ashley played that first quarter. Black hole down low.
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    Is TJ out of gas?

    You can only adjust so much with our talent. I totally agree with our rotations as there were times when I wondered who the hell was going to score. I loved how Okie State played straight up man where we keep trapping and double teaming and leaving people wide open for 3 or layups.
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    ***#21 Iowa State at West Virginia (Saturday, 5:00)***

    I can't believe the wide open threes we continue miss...
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    Is TJ out of gas?

    They completely took us out of this game with better athletes that were quicker and could dominate our guard court. Gabe and Caleb could not even get decent looks and got frustrated. Even with that our supposed best shooters have to at least make free throws.
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    Golf in Ames.

    Actually may check this one. I live on south side of Ames so fairly close drive.
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    Golf in Ames.

    Moved back here from Arizona and AG&CC is way less than where I played there. Just trying to find my best option for golf 2-3 times per week.
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    Golf in Ames.

    What are thoughts and experiences around Ames Country Club? Retired and recently moved to Ames and wondering what are best golf options. Played Coldwater last summer and never really connected with a regular group.
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    *** Official #11 IOWA STATE vs West Virginia Game(Day) Thread ***

    TJ being a nice guy ain't working with thr zebras. No free throws this half.
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    Kansas pre-game options

    Great breakfast on Saturday mornings. We hit Mucky Duck nearly every Friday night. Great food and people.
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    Restaurants in Ames.

    We do Mucky Ducks nearly every Friday. Good food and lots of beer options but to me the main draw is the great people that work there. Somebody does a great job staffing.
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    Jaren Holmes appreciation thread

    He does a great post game interview with Heft. Really well spoken and confident.
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    49er's - Cowboys

    Kyle S needs to be more aggressive on first down. Too many 3rd and long.
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    The Pale Blue Eye ok Netflix [spoilers]

    Just watched it instead of the last 3/4 of the national title game. Thought it was very good with a somewhat surprising twist.
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    The three Cyclone basketball players who made you the fan you are today

    Martinez Desmond, Clint Harris, and Eric Heft. We were close to having something special with Maury John prior to his cancer. Went to hell for a decade until Johnny.
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    Personally playing against/with an ISU football player, past OR present

    Played both pick up and intramural games at Beyer and State from 1972-75 and thought we were good until the FB guys showed up...Matt Blair, Barry Hill, Ike Harris were probably better than our actual Basketball team. Gary Thompson would also play fairly regular and was unbelievably good and...