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    Crazy vehicle accident in LA

    That's almost guaranteed. Him or the shop he had his tires replaced at.
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    How luggage is handled across the world

    I somewhat got over this phobia by having my luggage lost last fall due to the initial flight being delayed and not landing in time for the connection to get my stuff on board. It was delivered at no cost by the airline at 1 AM to my hotel. There were like 40 of us in the collection area who...
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    Worst weekend ever as a Cyclone fan?

    Remember relatively high expectations then getting smoked by Oklahoma and wasting the rest of the FB season 20 years ago? Losing to MSU in the Elite 8? Losing to Hampton? Losing to UAB? Seneca being in against FSU? Larry mingling with coeds? All of McDermotts tenure, and so on.
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    Who ever the is person in charge of working with the offense should be fired on the spot

    He's a great recruiter. Maybe change his role but I disagree with firing.
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    David Montgomery to the Lions

    I think David should have gotten a couple more per year but RBs are saturated in the NFL. Lazard's deal seems really solid and he's going to a team that can compete tomorrow if they get Rodgers.
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    YouTube TV Getting Ability to Split Into 4 Screens

    I tend to agree. But at the same time they have the best price and service out there right now. It's the only streaming service I keep year round, while rotating Netflix and HBO depending on what's released.
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    David Montgomery to the Lions

    His 2 best seasons, by a stretch, are the past 2. He's a big sign for whoever gets him.
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    David Montgomery to the Lions

    Reportedly in the market for Ekeler. They're a few pieces away from making a big leap. I still hate the organization for wasting David's first few years.
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    Omaha Biliew Commits to Iowa State!

    AAU carries a lot more weight than high school play. I don't have the stats or know where Milan played AAU but Omaha has been competing at the top tier there for awhile.
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    Omaha Biliew Commits to Iowa State!

    I spent my dumb years emailing Pollard, from my iastate email, at 2 AM to fire CPR opposed to being a moron here.
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    Brackets of a tasty kind

    Boxer is solid but Primo's is the only restaurant in CB I prefer to hit up when I go back to visit.
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    Omaha Biliew Commits to Iowa State!

    How boring does your life have to be to create that many handles on CF? I've maintained one for 15 years since I was a Junior in high school without having to run for the hills and come back with a new identity.
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    Hotel recommendations in Vegas?

    Vdara is nice but a bit pricey. Avoid New York New York if you plan on drinking too much. It took me 45 minutes to find the right elevator one hazy night.
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    *** Official IOWA STATE vs #3 Kansas Game(Day) Thread ***

    Lunardi is garbage when it comes to seeding. We'll be a 5
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    Tamin Lipsey-Steals record watch

    He's a Freshmen. His grade this year is easily an A with a few obvious things to work on. Shooting and keeping the game slow at all times
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    *** Official IOWA STATE vs #3 Kansas Game(Day) Thread ***

    You ok? We played our a** off and lost. No shame in that. They had a great game plan with the simplest piece being Harris smothering Gabe the entire game. We all know this team is good enough to beat anyone on a given night. Wilson and **** are far and away the 2 best players between the 2...
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    KC Big 12 Tourney General Updates

    The garage below P&L or head south of the loop, 15th street and south on Walnut and you might luck into street parking
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    RECRUITING: Temple transfer Jeremiah Williams commits to Iowa State

    Jones looks good against average front courts. Against good front courts I hold my breath every time he touches the ball. His rebounding is extremely average for his size, and compared to a guy like King it's light years behind. Defensively he makes some plays here and there but seems to get...
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    Standing Desk

    I got this last fall
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    Potential Measles Exposure

    Had shingles in college about 10 years ago, albeit a fairly minor case it was annoying as hell. Would not recommend.