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    NCAA in Tulsa experience

    Stuclone will have a word for you.
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    NCAA Rollcall

    FYI….For those going to the ISU socials after Friday and Saturday evening sessions at the Aloft Hotel….cash only bar. There is a free keg while it lasts. ($15/person if you did not purchase tickets through ISU)
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    CRTC Fundraiser for NCAA Tournament

    Also in.
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    Wrestling coverage this week

    Stuclone already has the list memorized.
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    Big 12 seeding predictions

    That would cost me too much money!
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    High School State Tournaments

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    Restaurants/Bars in Ames Streaming the Dual?

    Wallaby’s might but I don’t have confirmation. The other option is Scheman has the pre-game bar on the 2nd floor. That is where we plan to watch prior to the MBB game.
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    Looking Ahead to the UNI Dual

    Not Des Moines but in Ames Wallaby’s in Somerset had the UNI dual.
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    Looking Ahead to the UNI Dual

    The big 12 would then have to pay those schools which isn’t going to happen.
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    Bars that carry ESPN+ in DSM metro

    The 1858 Club is having their winter party on Saturday with a Cyclone- KU game watch. It is at GameDay Sports Bar & Patio (Merle Hay Mall - Flix Brewhouse entrance) 3800 Merle Hay Road. They do request RSVPs on FaceBook (1858 Fan Club - 2023 Winter Party). They have reserved the center...
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    Status update on injuries & who is going to scuffle

    Other thing to keep in mind is you can enter multiple entrants at the same weight, so ‘winning’ this tournament means nothing but IMHO. Having a double dual in less than a week can also be hard on the body. So I get resting both MC and DC for this reason alone.
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    ***#6 Iowa State at Collegiate Duals (Dec. 19-20)***

    Good example of pin called without shoulders flat.
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    ***#6 Iowa State at Collegiate Duals (Dec. 19-20)***

    Very rare to see both shoulders flat. More pins called when a shoulder is up than not.
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    ***#6 Iowa State at Collegiate Duals (Dec. 19-20)***

    Disagree. Brook’s middle of his back is flat to the mat for ~2 seconds. He is just rolling on it and not bridging on his head during that time. 99% + of wrestlers not 2 time NC champs would have been called. Look at the Keck match where he got the pin.
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    CRTC fundraiser - Iowa vs Iowa State dual

    My donation is now also done for $100. Thanks Buf for getting this going.
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    CRTC fundraiser - Iowa vs Iowa State dual

    Sounds like a plan. Count me in also
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    General (non-ISU) Wrestling Twitter/News Thread

    I believe the extra dual matches for the backups were only held in the 2020-2021 season as we were still working through the reduced pandemic schedule. If I recall there were no Open tourneys that year where the backups get matches.
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    Grand View Dual at Humboldt

    He didn’t qualify in 2020 or his Freshman year. There were 2 qualifiers at 149 from the SoCon but he wasn’t one of them.
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    2022-2023 Schedule

    5:30 to 7:30 pm at Scheman