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    Did you see the SAT practice course on KA?
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    I'm "working" from home and am using the KA at-home schedule they provide: My 3 kids (16, 14, and 10) really resisted the idea when I told them about...
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    NFL Kickoff Ratings Down

    This pretty much sums it up. For me, it's not the CTE or anthem stuff, it's the protection rules, constant flags, reviews, and god, the commercials. Why can't football on TV be shown like soccer? Put some ads in the background. Games should be over in less than 3 hours.
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    "The Worst Band of all Time"

    That was frustrating to listen to...terribly offbeat. Seems like an attempt by musical elitists to make something cool that is terrible.
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    Cord cutters scientific poll

    We have Sling via Roku. It gets the job done but I miss the ease and "smoothness" of Dish.
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    Deck Stain

    Any tips on how to apply stain? In the past, I've used brushes, pads attached to broom handles (for floor boards), and rags. Each method to me has its pros and cons. Curious what others have done.
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    Better Call Saul

    Did Jimmy prove that Chuck's disease is BS? I'm conflicted because there have been plenty of scenes in which Chuck was suffering the effects of electricity alone, with no one to be "acting" in front of. Is it all in his head? I think last night proved (again) that much of Chuck's motivation in...
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    Matt Eaton

    According to Rivals, he is a 2 star with offers from UMass, Toledo and Bowling Green. He is a 3 star on Scout with the same offer list plus Arkansas Pine Bluff. Also a 3 star on 247 with same offer list as Rivals plus South Alabama and WVU.
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    2017 Football schedule

    Tough schedule. No byes during the conference schedule.
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    2017 Football schedule

    Not sure this is accurate:
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    Ku extends coach Beaty's contract and 2X his pay ...

    They could add a video board to the north side and it looks like the south side is available for an addition. They need to do something...with today's arms race, they are bottom of the barrel.
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    Ku extends coach Beaty's contract and 2X his pay ...

    Seems like pulling teeth for Kansas to put money into stadium upgrades. I've read that they are fundraising for Memorial Stadium upgrades but it sure seems like it takes them longer than any program to put real money into football.
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    Kinnick north end zone renovation

    Thoughts on the Kinnick upgrades?
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    Songs that get you pumped up

    Shake Me - Cinderella Lots of Motley Crue Disposable Heroes - Metallica Leper Messiah - Metallica Am I Evil? - Metallica For Whom the Bell Tolls - Metallica Mouth For War - Pantera Walk - Pantera Super Charger Heaven - White Zombie Thunder Kiss '65 - White Zombie Black Sunshine - White Zombie...
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    Iowa Voted #1 OL in Country

    It's not a poll. Right or wrong, they're rankings based on grades and analysis.
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    Key wont turn in my ignition. Help!!

    This happened to me with a Traverse. Googled the issue. Found a video. Guy in the video took off the plastic cover above the steering column. There was a little "switch" by the ignition. Pushed that and then I was able to turn the key.
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    What is Matt Campbell's plan on the O-Line?

    According to an article posted here, Bobek could bench near 450 in high school. He's just one of those guys that's strong vs. anything indicative of the prior program.
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    Strength Needed

    Your HS program had kids doing full snatches and CJ (meaning, catching the bar below parallel)? I find that hard to believe. But, if they were I'm willing to bet most of the kids were using poor form and thus were prone to injury.
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    Strength Needed

    I've never heard of a football program implementing C & J or snatches. Power Cleans, yes, but full clean and jerks and snatch are too technical and require too much individual attention. Football programs don't have enough coaches or time to do such lifts.
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    OT: HBO's The Night Of...

    Any thoughts on Episode 2? I watched at 11:30 but fell asleep with probably 15 minutes left.