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  1. CyLoboClone

    RIP Billy Packer

    **** Enberg? Prick Enberg? **** Enberg ? One-Eyed-Trouser- Snake Enberg?
  2. CyLoboClone

    Iowa state replay on demand FOUND

    So, searching on espn plus for Texas or Iowa state or isu yields no results, however, in espn app search for Iowa state, scroll down to teams, highlights, then game replay is listed at the top of the highlights. Why this was this complicated is obvious. A deep state conspiracy directed against...
  3. CyLoboClone

    *** Official #7 Texas (SAMSUBA) vs #12 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    11:30 pm, no replay on espn+. Espn and longhorns are colluding to ruin my night.
  4. CyLoboClone

    *** Official #7 Texas (SAMSUBA) vs #12 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Espn+ might not like replaying the constant drone of **** TYRESE. It’s a goddamn shame.
  5. CyLoboClone

    JTS Improvements - Want More

    That is one big pile of ****.
  6. CyLoboClone

    Am I the only person that is putting ZERO stock in to this season?

    Gunner doing gunner things.
  7. CyLoboClone

    I Am Not A Cyclone But Thought You Guys Would Like This

    I like Texas better than AandM. Like, a lot.
  8. CyLoboClone

    Iowa State opens as 4 pt underdog at OSU

    I’ve been to the Culver’s in clear lake. I don’t think we have room to talk
  9. CyLoboClone

    Congrats to JaQuan Bailey!

    Is that like saying the Gretzky brothers are the best scorers of all time?
  10. CyLoboClone

    Voices from the stands ULL edition

    All right, let’s hear ‘em.
  11. CyLoboClone

    New Uniforms Revealed

    ^you say omg, but the integration of the numbers reminds me of our Trice throwbacks and how the white stood out as completely inappropriate since it was the only white in the kit. If we had gold numbering like this kit, it would have been pretty damn spot on.
  12. CyLoboClone

    Baylor Hate Week

    Yall remember when Scott went into our locker room after losing the big 12 to us and congratulated us? As a valpo alumn, that made me proud that he was so gracious in defeat. The recruiting trail is something else though.
  13. CyLoboClone

    Who will be the guest picker?

    Mods, keep this thread open. All the country music fans in here get to take our ridicule.
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    **** Official College Ames-day thread ****

    Weather will be fantastic tomorrow. But the overcast clouds remind me of a gathering storm - very cool!
  15. CyLoboClone

    Who will be the guest picker?

    Georges did do some courtside speaking during the summer league and is a big personality- He has my vote.
  16. CyLoboClone

    JAY JORDAN: UNI film review

    What’s fun about this supercut is that you get to see the pattern of the linemen’s feet during pass plays and run plays. Keeping that in mind, I thought there were three yards from scrimmage that a lineman could go, yet on two pass plays in overtime, UNI had linemen well beyond the three. Do...
  17. CyLoboClone

    ISU vs. UNI - FS1 Streaming Options

    This **** is exactly why I had to go out and buy fire sticks even though I already had chromecasts on my TVs. Fox sports lets me streams on the firestick but the chromecast doesn’t support it. Learned that last year.
  18. CyLoboClone

    Greatest ISU Transfer of All Time?

    Almost, dude. Almost.
  19. CyLoboClone

    New Uniforms Revealed

    Anyone watch the chiefs today? Their C/C/W was the same kit as ours and they look pretty sharp because they have one thing we don’t- white accents on helmet and jersey. We those and we’ll be cruising.
  20. CyLoboClone

    Naz and Jok in 3 pt Contest

    holy cow, I'm running ublock origin and adblock, STILL have popups with sound. WTH?