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  1. gocy444

    What’s happening with Women's Basketball Nationally?

    Not a huge WBB guy but the idea of watching a player stay for 3-4 years is super intriguing. My favorite Cyclones growing up were guys we got to watch for 4 years. While players like Jaren Holmes or Brockington were great players they felt more like rented “Cyclones”. I want to see a young...
  2. gocy444

    Eli King enters the Portal

    No, because I still think he's a D1 caliber player. Just probably wants to be a go-to level player and that wasn't going to happen here. He'd have been a nice 7th or 8th man, but could go be a 15 ppg guy at a low to mid major.
  3. gocy444

    Who ever the is person in charge of working with the offense should be fired on the spot

    We started the game with wide open 3s from Gabe and Jaren. Clank. Can only draw up so many plays (our guys maxed out of their abilities). We got the most of our roster. Just need more dudes.
  4. gocy444

    *** Official March Madness NCAA Tournament Thread 2023 ***

    I haven’t seen a national person pick us to win yet
  5. gocy444

    *** Official March Madness NCAA Tournament Thread 2023 ***

    I think it’s a testament to how far the game has grown. There’s good players at all levels now.
  6. gocy444

    Lazard moving on

    AND YoutubeTV has NFL Sunday Ticket this year instead of stupid DirectTV. Guess I'll be watching a lot of Jets games.
  7. gocy444

    *** Official Selection Sunday Thread 2023 ***

    I like playing an average P6 team more than playing a 30 win mid major.
  8. gocy444

    *** Official IOWA STATE vs #3 Kansas Game(Day) Thread ***

    Ku is just better than we are. They are the #1 team for a reason. Having said that they are only marginally better than us. We have all the tools for a deep run.
  9. gocy444

    *** Official IOWA STATE vs #10 Baylor Game(Day) Thread ***

    We outplayed them big time they just hit a million 3s
  10. gocy444

    *** Official IOWA STATE vs #10 Baylor Game(Day) Thread ***

    Where’s he supposed to land? Needs to be a no call.
  11. gocy444

    USC/UCLA to the Big Ten in 24?

    I can’t believe he actually asked that. You have the actually person leading realignment charge sitting in front of you and your one question is regarding where the media is sitting now? What!?
  12. gocy444

    Tamin Lipsey-Steals record watch

    There should be a *by all records aided by the covid year. Throw out the worst statistical season or something, but all-time records shouldn't be broken because someone played for 5 years (12 in Bohannon's case)
  13. gocy444


    Prediction: Cyclones win.
  14. gocy444

    Gabe's Big12 Conference Stats

    Gabe has become one of my favorite Cyclones. He really upped his game this year.
  15. gocy444

    Standing Desk

    You may have already, but tell your company sitting all day is causing you pain, they might pay for the desk.
  16. gocy444


    Really like how he plays hard no matter what. Limited in what he can do right now, but gives it his all.
  17. gocy444

    Would Caitlin Clark play

    In college I knew a few guys who practiced against the ISU womens team as essentially the “practice squad”. Most guys were good Iowa High School basketball players, but not good enough to play at anything higher than D3 level. They would routinely dominate the women’s team every day in practice...
  18. gocy444

    *** Official Oklahoma vs #23 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    How many times have we seen 2-3 offensive players all within the same 5-10 foot circle? No spacing, lazy passing and just terrible shots.
  19. gocy444

    *** Official Oklahoma vs #23 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    It’s like we just forget how to play offense completely every game.
  20. gocy444

    Top 2023 Gophers recruit Dennis Evans seeks release

    Amazing the goophers can’t figure it out. Loads of talent in Minneapolis and they are the only show in town for high level college ball.