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  1. Balrog

    Vote for Bridget Carleton

    When I began voting, McCowan was at 28.0 and Bridget was at 24.7 When I finished voting at 1:00 am, Bridget was at 25.0 and McCowan was 27.8. It took over an hour to move her 3 tenths in the totals.I am guessing I voted an average of 4-5 times a minute. I challenge anyone to move Bridget more...
  2. Balrog

    2018 Stock Prediction

    I agree with that sentiment as well, MTown. However, there are a few companies out there that are worth a look, no matter the exchange. A company has to start somewhere. Up 300% for the year, and I predict that this will be a four to 8 bagger before the year is out. (Despite the outstanding...
  3. Balrog

    images from S Dak St football game

    Thank you, Wesley! As usual, the pic's look fabulous........... GO CYCLONES!
  4. Balrog

    2018 Stock Prediction

    Anybody into pinks? BIEL is trading at .0025. Lots and lots of shares out there, but they have much in the pipeline, and expected FDA total clearance on the horizon. Very small company on the edge of PEMF technology that has patents until, I think, 2029. GO CYCLONES!
  5. Balrog

    Threw my back out...

    Hey Fanatics, Do we know a coach, player, or physical therapist within the athletic department that might be interested in this technology? It reduces swelling, and pain, helps with mobilization (our players could rehab quicker) and it is mobile. PM me with their e-mail address? Thank you...
  6. Balrog

    Threw my back out...

    Seems we have all suffered with some form of physical pain in our lives. Once upon a time, well, ........ over 50 years ago, I tore my anterior cruciate ligament playing football and had surgery. Of course there was swelling, draining, weakness in the knee, and the requisite physical therapy...
  7. Balrog

    Threw my back out... These "gizmo's" really work. It will knock your pain down 50-60% and you don't have to take handfuls of pain meds. I have used it for years on my knee. They are being paid for by the National Health Service in Britain as an alternative for the use of opioids. Soon to be...
  8. Balrog

    Hey Scott, I heard that Lima has been battling back pain for quite some time. How would you...

    Hey Scott, I heard that Lima has been battling back pain for quite some time. How would you suggest that I contact him or a trainer to get them to try an Actipatch for his back? By the way, the NHS in England is actually paying for them for patients over 65, and Dr. Scholls (Bayer) is meeting...
  9. Balrog

    Feedback: Day 2: Post bugs, ideas, thoughts here

    I haven't spent a LOT of time looking, but I can't figure out how to send private messages. Also, I was a member of a basketball group, and I don't see it around any more. CyclonePride, please PM me. Thank you.
  10. Balrog

    Free tickets for todays Southern game and parking pass

    Des Moines area. Short notice. Sorry. PM me.
  11. Balrog


    Des Moines area. Obviously short notice.Sorry.
  12. Balrog

    SIAP — Walters vs. Perrault

    If you are so inclined, go back to about page 668 in the basketball forum. There are a lot of interesting comments about Freds' hire............. Jim Walden says Pollard's selection of Hoiberg is a "slap in the face to coaches." Coaches will be looking for Hoiberg to fail because if he...
  13. Balrog

    CCL Tonight

    JSB I respect your opinion and your right to express it........ after all, this is our message board. I just thought that people might be interested in the varied opinions of people who were at the games. I watch Georges a lot. In my opinion he is a step quicker than last year. He doesn't lope...
  14. Balrog

    CCL Tonight

    Georges has improved his foot speed considerably with the loss of weight............ To me he looked like a different guy out there on breaks and getting back to defend. GO CYCLONES
  15. Balrog

    *** Official Ryan Anderson and Hallice Cooke Visiting This Weekend Thread ***

    I believe Georges is hosting Ryan, so we have that going for us.:yes: GO CYCLONES
  16. Balrog

    Georges Invited to Big Man Skills Academy!

    A couple of names I heard that may be there are Anthony Davis and Amare Stoudemire. Go Georges and as always.......... GO CYCLONES
  17. Balrog

    Georges Invited to Big Man Skills Academy!

    I'm betting he will do both. Go Georges! GO CYCLONES
  18. Balrog

    Returning to Ames

    I'm not a moron. Sorry you feel justified in name calling. I didn't yell at folks. Loathing is a bit of a stretch don't you think? Words have meaning JMB. By the way, your metaphor failed on every level, in case you didn't understand.
  19. Balrog

    Returning to Ames

    A scathing and appropriate metaphor JMB, ........ and accurate too ........ well, maybe the first sentence. It was really quite simple. I read the first page of this thread. I found out that the Iowa State Cyclone basketball team, (my name) would be returning to the Sukup, (my address) around...
  20. Balrog

    Returning to Ames

    Allin, it was 2:45 yesterday afternoon. The first page of this thread said they would return around 3-4:00. I was there early to get a "good parking place." GO CYCLONES