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  1. Allikat

    Vehicle Registration Quandary

    To my dismay my new vehicle registration stickers came in the mail. Hawkeye gold background with black numbers. Yuck! Fortunately, this vehicle is red and I can pass it off gold Cyclone bling. My next vehicle, however, is black with blackout plates. What is a Cyclone to do?
  2. Allikat

    Tough day for EIU hoops hopes

    No thanks.
  3. Allikat

    Bracket thoughts/picks?

    Most of my “upsets” are after the round of 64, but Drake is tempting particularly if Omire is out. Other double digit option for me are Louisiana and Utah State.
  4. Allikat

    2023 NCAA MBB coaching carousel

    It is not a bad thing if your assistant coaches get promoted to be a HC somewhere so long as you replace them. While I don't want to lose someone every year - particularly with the risk that a player they recruited follows them, having ISU be known as a place for the best assistant coaches to...
  5. Allikat

    Does the B12 Tournament matter?

    It matters because: 1) sports ultimately are entertainment and the conference tourneys provide more entertainment. 2) those same sports are funded by television and the tourneys provide an important revenue source As to do they matter for the teams: only for those teams that need to win a...
  6. Allikat

    *** Official IOWA STATE vs #3 Kansas Game(Day) Thread ***

    Not me. Not that I WANT TCU to win but beating Baylor, KU and Texas on consecutive days is noteworthy. If you want to be the best, beat the best.
  7. Allikat

    Iowa State Transfer/Recruiting Class 2023

    Ledlum has interest from Kentucky and UCLA. Kentucky Interest UCLA Interest I have learned not to underestimate TJ, but if TJ wants him and we get him … wow!
  8. Allikat

    Racist UofI Hawkkks - Settlement Paid By Tax Payers

    It does amaze me how little press this has gotten nationally. I have family in central PA and their fans behaved the same with Joe Pa but the national attention finally drove action. If this was the first incident, that’s one thing - but we know it is not the first. I am really surprised this...
  9. Allikat

    Racist UofI Hawkkks - Settlement Paid By Tax Payers

    ESPN story I realize lawyers need to get paid but $1.9 mln!
  10. Allikat

    2022-2023 MBB computer projections thread

    I agree with the general premise; namely conference tournaments only help bubble teams and the winners of the tournament. However, I think ISU is currently pegged at their floor due to the lackluster play prior to Bayor. For every top ten team ISU beats this weekend I can see upward movement...
  11. Allikat

    ***WBB: 2023 Recruiting Thread***

    I know it is off topic but as long as we are talking about big high school girls tourney players, I had the chance to watch the 4A final. Becca Aagard is only a sophomore, but she blocked about everything. If she develops even a modest mid-range jumper, she is going to be very good at the next...
  12. Allikat

    Hard to not like the draw for ISU here

    Latest predictions had us as a 7 seed. If we go to KC and beat Baylor, KU, and TX (all current top 10 teams), what is our NCAA seed?
  13. Allikat

    Handicap Season Tickets - Football

    HC+1 works. Contact TO before or after selecting/renewing seats? (I have already reached out and was waiting for a reply - nothing yet and hence the reason for posting the question).
  14. Allikat

    Handicap Season Tickets - Football

    Last year we had season tickets with another couple. One member of our party is severely handicapped but found a way to wait for golf carts to get to our section and get assistance to get to our seats. It was rough to get to the seats. A couple questions: How do the ADA seats work? If, for...
  15. Allikat

    *** Official #11 IOWA STATE vs West Virginia Game(Day) Thread ***

    Key to me is keeping it close in the first half. I do not see a repeat of TT. According to Team Rankings they are much better in the first half (10.3 vs. 5.8). We are also better in the first half (8.5 vs. 7.8)...
  16. Allikat

    Jeremiah Williams out for the year

    Any update on Williams recovery? When this news broke, my first thought was: "Crap, there goes the year,". Two years into TJ and I must now simply trust that TJ will find a way. Williams injury made it possible for Lipsey to step up, however, it would be nice to have both. I think Lipsey...
  17. Allikat

    Student Section Moved Back?

    I think 2-1 may even be strong. We had mostly decent weather and didn't know we were "not very good" (using your term) until the year progressed, but the quieter atmosphere started from day one.
  18. Allikat

    Student Section Moved Back?

    Our Athletic Department web pages are a joke. Way too much outdated information, not enough FAQs, not enough marketing. I get we want to keep admin costs down, but a little front-end effort will pay for itself on the backend.
  19. Allikat

    Brian Ferentz: aim at the butthole for success

    Utah State Aggies (Hawks opening game) = 99th in Opponents PPG (30.8) Western Michigan Broncos = 52nd (25.6) but gave up 36.4ppg in the first seven games. Perfect world for us: Iowa scores big time against those two which skew the average and Brian stays in IC despite a return to the norm for...
  20. Allikat

    Brian Ferentz: aim at the butthole for success

    For those that have Sirus XM Childers and Neuheisel just went off on issue and basically chided Iowa for a petty gesture and a low definition of success. If you want to listen, I jumped in the car mid-stream of their segment at about 10:05 CST on ESPNU Radio. I don't know if their facts are...