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  1. hiltonisheaven

    ***NCAA Wrestling: Session 3 (Fri., 11:00)***

    Help me understand why Wrestling wants to compete with the NCAA basketball tournament. In my opinion, they are making their audience choose and for most folks basketball will win out. Why not adjust the wrestling tournament to a different weekend and expand your audience?
  2. hiltonisheaven

    Marty Tirrell arrested on fraud charges

    Hope Marty has learned his lesson. Reality is he probably needs to work to pay back the ppl he stole from.
  3. hiltonisheaven

    USC/UCLA to the Big Ten in 24?

    Randy is such a cringey dbag. That is a dumb question in any format, but if he has to ask then it should have been an email.
  4. hiltonisheaven

    What is Going On with Emily Ryan?

    One more thing that has been eating at me. This team is not very mentally tough, maybe Ash, Fritz are exceptions. But the others, a missed/bad call or missing shots causes many on the team to lose composure. It impacts silly fouls and the next several plays. That is on the coaches to address.
  5. hiltonisheaven

    What is Going On with Emily Ryan?

    My gut says she’s played too many minutes and is just worn out. That and maybe a touch of opposing coaches figuring out how to frustrate her and cause turnovers and fouls. I feel for her cause you can tell she’s uber competitive and wants to win.
  6. hiltonisheaven

    USC/UCLA to the Big Ten in 24?

    Listening to that interview with Ray Anderson reminds me of Jamie Pollard’s interviews when the Big 12 was nearly falling apart. Jamie was full of emotion and frustration at that time. Can tell Ray is worried and frustrated. Imagine if the Pac hadn’t shunned a merger with the B12 last year...
  7. hiltonisheaven

    USC/UCLA to the Big Ten in 24?

    Agree on Hulu, it is the easiest to use and I tried them all. Can flip games similar to linear. ESPN+ is included for free with Hulu. It automatically records your favorite teams in case you can’t catch it live.
  8. hiltonisheaven

    Cytown Update

    For those using the Varsity App for game feeds, you can also listen to the Coaches’ Corner show under the ‘On Demand’ tab of the App.
  9. hiltonisheaven

    *** Official #11 IOWA STATE vs West Virginia Game(Day) Thread ***

    Wow our guys were close but just a few plays short
  10. hiltonisheaven

    Tre King minutes in 2nd half Vs TTU has it each game.
  11. hiltonisheaven

    *** Official #13 IOWA STATE vs Texas Tech Game(Day) Thread ***

    Terrible shot selection there
  12. hiltonisheaven

    Twister Sister Summary - this win goes down to “Team”

    I was thinking the same watching the game. Why do they keep fouling…do they know ISU is top of the league in free throw %? If they just played defense and forced us to match them making field goals, they might have won the game. I admire the athleticism their team has. Our team looked slow in...
  13. hiltonisheaven

    Gymnastics ESPN3

    Are they really powerhouse programs or is that sarcasm?
  14. hiltonisheaven

    ***#18 Iowa State vs. #14 Oklahoma (Saturday, 3:00)***

    OU is winning all the 50/50 balls. Getting out-toughed, again…….
  15. hiltonisheaven

    *** Official #12 IOWA STATE vs Missouri Game(Day) Thread ***

    There is zero reason for Rob to still be playing.
  16. hiltonisheaven

    *** Official #12 IOWA STATE vs Missouri Game(Day) Thread ***

    Rob is so trash out there today. Have to sit him and find another option.
  17. hiltonisheaven

    Updated: Milan Momcilovic commits to ISU

    Looks like he can be a great college player. Would be great to have him on this year’s team to help with scoring. Athleticism doesn’t jump off the screen but has great length. I see an eventual path to the NBA as a 3pt sniper and a good defender after spending time in Kyle Green’s system.