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  1. Cy-n Maker

    FS: RV Village Pass for TxTech - Make an Offer

    No but would trade for Sukup tix
  2. Cy-n Maker

    FS: RV Village Pass for TxTech - Make an Offer

    Not taking the RV this weekend; DM me with offer
  3. Cy-n Maker

    WTB: Texas tickets - Away game

    Thanks for the heads up...ended up buying a package through the DFW Cyclones. But will definitely check out the Czech Stop
  4. Cy-n Maker

    Game and Tickets @ Texas

    Thank you all for this thread; just purchased my tailgate package. Looking forward to it.
  5. Cy-n Maker

    WTB: Texas tickets - Away game

    I will be in the Ft. Worth area for a wedding, and will be driving down the game on Saturday. thought I would check here to see if anyone had tix for sale before I went to stubhub/seatgeek. Thanks,
  6. Cy-n Maker

    Looking for RV village pass for Ohio game 9/17

    I just posted my own thread selling my RV Village pass for the Ohio game ... DM me if you are still looking.
  7. Cy-n Maker

    FS: SOLD: RV Village Parking pass - Ohio Game 9/17

    DM me if interested...
  8. Cy-n Maker

    Looking for RV Village pass for Ohio Game

    Yep my bad ... still got a hold of him though :D
  9. Cy-n Maker

    Looking for RV Village pass for Ohio Game

    @cloneone12, I won't be able to make the Ohio game was going to sell my RV Village pass. PM me if still looking.
  10. Cy-n Maker

    Devin Hester

    When will teams learn that you stand a better change giving Grossman and the offense the ball at the fifty every time, than you would at kicking it to Hester 8 yards deep in the endzone. Don't get me wrong I love my Bears, but they have major issues on Offense.
  11. Cy-n Maker

    Givin him the business...Funny

    I always thought the penlty for 'Givin the business' was only 10 yards. I guess I was wrong. Great Stuff!
  12. Cy-n Maker

    Vicks House Is For Sale (Photos Included)

    Oh yea, don't forget that he also got busted for weed, AFTER his arrest for dog fighting. How dumb do you have to be to get caught smokin the hippie lettuce after you were arrested by the feds. You know they are going to be watching you every move, so why not blaze up. Sure he's no Ted Bundy...
  13. Cy-n Maker

    these are a few of my favorite things, when the dog bites,

    Re: This is the thread that just won't end.... Okay I'm a little slow Brianhos, whats the licens plate say?
  14. Cy-n Maker

    It could have gotten ugly after the game..

    a situation like this only happens maybe once every several years in college football. So for a center/long snapper to know of this loop hole would be pretty rare. But the coaching staff of CU had plenty of time after the delay of game to let the kicking team know that the clock will start with...
  15. Cy-n Maker

    Made my first ever trip to Hilton tonight...

    the cyclone wrestling team had a good turn out at Hilton the other night as well
  16. Cy-n Maker

    Time to build some big "mo"

    As much as I like to see a lower level team in the Big XII do well in the BCS, I think we need to look at the KU game as a big W. Just take a look at their schedule this season, who have they beet. K-state which got man handled last weekend, Neb which the Clones out gained and out preformed in...
  17. Cy-n Maker

    Quotes from Chizik in Denver Post Article

    I hope that the Colorado readers of the artical don't think that D-Mac left because there was scandle surrounding him like what happened to Barnett when he left
  18. Cy-n Maker

    KU attendance

    Their attendance would probably be higher if the fan base didn't fear being eaten by the head coach.
  19. Cy-n Maker

    New Member

    There I updated my avatar. I bet no one else has this one