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    Student section/Cyclone Alley

    You sound super smart. You must know everything about offense AND defense. I guess I should just keep my stupid opinions to myself. Not like I have two students at ISU or have a valuable perspective to offer.
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    Student section/Cyclone Alley

    You realize there is a tendency to lose interest when you've been turned away, right? Also, only so many tickets are sold, so some freshmen don't even get them. We're actively doing things to decrease interest in attending games for students. Looks great on TV when we have tents outside for...
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    Student section/Cyclone Alley

    This is entirely Pollard's fault. Student tickets are criminally oversold. I have two sons at ISU. Junior was able to get a football/basketball season ticket. Freshman was not. In order to attend games you must wait in line to get inside Hilton. Oldest has waited several times in excess of...
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    So Cyclone Larry has started a beef between ISU and UCF?

    Larry is way more clever than the WRNL guys. Those guys are Travis Justice level fart humor.
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    *** Official #7 Texas (SAMSUBA) vs #12 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Second semester started today. This is the first game with students back.
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    Tough day for EIU hoops hopes

    Yeah I get it, but I think we need to keep that in mind before we jump all over Iowa. They didn't just beat us, it was an epic beat down. They exposed our West Virginia-style foul-fest defense. If you can pass and handle the ball, our D is a smokescreen. Need to move past that.
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    Tough day for EIU hoops hopes

    You realize we got absolutely stomped by this $hitty Iowa team, right? Looks like we could've learned a thing or two from Fred on defense. That's weird.
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    Are we better than Houston? /s

    I award you zero points and may God have mercy on your soul.
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    Former Texas HC, now assaulter, fired

    He's the reason they weren't a losing team. Duh.
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    Are we better than Houston? /s

    Recruiting looks fine. Can't count on it until they're here. As far as offense, we leave a lot to be desired. Yes, I've seen Omaha play for about 10 years now.
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    Are we better than Houston? /s

    Sure, they have better offensive players. I just think we'll continue to lose/not attract good offensive players if all we do is run a high post handoff with 3 guys standing around the perimeter. Think Hunter saw that writing on the walll.
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    Are we better than Houston? /s

    Houston at least has an idea of what they want to do on offense. We have zero idea of what we want to do on offense.
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    Can we do it?

    Do we have offensive sets? We telegraph passes around the perimeter for chrissakes. I get the defensive tough guy schtick, but when you have zero offensive plans it doesn't really work to just flop on the ground for charges and get up in players' faces. The good ones simply go around. Think...
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    Dave Armstrong retiring

    You're thinking of Franklin - also awesome but has since passed on. Armstrong was good too - "Wow"!
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    BIG ROB ENERGY Robert Jones

    This is like giving yourself a nickname. It cannot be done or it is lame and forced. Everyone knows he brings energy. What's next, referring to everyone by a nickname? "That foul is on Big Rob Energy". "Checking in for the Cyclones, Caleb the Axe Murderer Grill". "Basket by Tamen Lipsey...
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    FS: New

    I think tickets will be free to this game soon. Students gone, 19 degrees, offense in a death spiral.... Hope I'm wrong but just not looking good.
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    Student section moved experience

    Move the students closer to the band and for the love of God please put someone competent in charge of the music. All the music. We play awful hip hop and douche rock all the time. It is extremely embarrassing.
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    Abu Sama Commits!

    What do you think message boards are?
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    Abu Sama Commits!

    We're not cooling, we just aren't doing enough to stay in the kid's ear. He's blowing up - and will continue to do so now that he's healthy again - and Iowa is making progress. Staff needs to put in some effort here.
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    Abu Sama Commits!

    This is nuts. Kohl could end up to be a nice QB at ISU. I certainly hope so. Sama and Patton play similar roles. I hope they both come to ISU and have great careers, but Sama is like Reggie Bush and Patton is like Reggie George. Completely different class of athlete. Watch the videos.