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  1. EYEoftheSTORM

    Big 12 MBB All-Session giveaway

    3rd generation Cyclone graduate, and long time family ties to the university. I am a football season ticket holder and former basketball season ticket holder (have two little boys that prevent me from going to EVERY home game now). Raising two little boys that love going to “I-STATE” games in...
  2. EYEoftheSTORM

    *** Official Oklahoma State vs #11 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Isn’t Avery Anderson out for the Cowboys? Thought I saw somewhere he got minor surgery on his hand but should return later in the year.
  3. EYEoftheSTORM

    *** Official Texas Tech vs #14 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    What happened to Clarence Nadolny? Did he go back to France to play professionally? Regarding tonight’s game, like most games we win, I think it come down to forcing turnovers and controlling the glass. Our defense is top 10 when we don’t allow second chance points. Turnovers leading to...
  4. EYEoftheSTORM

    WTB- ISU/Western MI. 8 Lowers or 8 Uppers on the Sides

    Looking for 8 Lower Level or 8 upper level tickets on the sidelines. If uppers would prefer rows 10 or lower. Please let me know if your seats will be available to purchase!
  5. EYEoftheSTORM

    FS: 4 for free today

    Sent PM
  6. EYEoftheSTORM

    FS: MBB McNeese -- Free 4 Uppers

    Still available? I’d love to take my wife and 2 kids if you’re not using!
  7. EYEoftheSTORM

    where can you buy Iowa State receiver gloves

    I have a white pair and a cardinal pair of I-State receiver gloves I'd be willing to sell. $120 for 1 set or $200 for both sets.
  8. EYEoftheSTORM

    Big 12 Kick Times/Television for Nov. 19

    I pray to the heavens its not that 1200 slot. 3:30 or 7 please!
  9. EYEoftheSTORM

    House of the Dragon

    Dang, why is it going to take so long for season 2…. I enjoyed season 1 a lot, season 2 will be bloody as hell.
  10. EYEoftheSTORM

    KU Game Predictions

    This is exactly how I feel. I feel confident that we will show up and win, but the game still scares the hell out of me. I have faith this game will be won in the trenches, and our OL/DL are better than their OL/DL. Our DL absolutely has to maintain gap integrity, force Daniels to beat you...
  11. EYEoftheSTORM

    WTB: Bought

    Got two in section 18. First 10 rows by the kickoff cannon. Any interest? Just trying to get face value which I think is $45/ticket
  12. EYEoftheSTORM

    SOLD: 2 Lower Level Ohio @ ISU Section 18 Low Rows (Aisle Seats) $45/Ticket

    (2) Lower Level Aisle Seats for the Ohio game. Seat location is in the south west corner (Right by the Kickoff Cannon). Looking to get $45 per ticket of $90 for the pair. PM if interested, or text/call 515-230-6278
  13. EYEoftheSTORM

    Friday OT #2 - Subtle Un-Arousals

    I’d let that Emma eat crackers in the bed any day of the week…
  14. EYEoftheSTORM

    Friday OT #2 - Subtle Un-Arousals

    Emma Stone has never done it for me….
  15. EYEoftheSTORM

    Kenyon Sadiq Commitment Watch

    Kenyon and Blake Purchase both have CB’s to ISU. Although, Blake recently got an offer to Notre Dame so that is going to complicate things.
  16. EYEoftheSTORM

    KXNO Sports Fanatics

    I agree that I’m disappointed the direction fanatics has gone once Chris left. I enjoy Ross a lot but care very little for the other people brought on the show besides Stanz and a couple other ISU personalities. The time spent on the parking segment was cringy and I turned the dial after about 2...