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    Cryptocurrency It only died 27 times in '22 vs 47 in '21. Progress? In the meantime, tick tock next block.
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    If I deposit gold into a bank and they rehypothecate it a thousand times, go under and lose all their users funds, there isn't a problem with the gold itself. There is a problem with the bank and those regulating the bank. I'm not advocating for the scam coins that FTX was pushing. Bitcoin is...
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    What exactly do they regret? Not making rash decisions and allowing new technology some breathing room? Or are you implying since the price has gone down in the short term then it was a bad move?
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    I like how you use an open source communication protocol to mock an open source financial protocol.
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    Never said all miners are using methane. Only using Vespene as an example of the innovation coming from the space. PoW is getting a lot FUD thrown its way recently and while it may seem counterintuitive, I think it can actually help address the climate issue.
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    Good post. I guess “backed” isn’t the right term. It seems bitcoin has inherent monetary properties that are rather enabled by the entire ecosystem of resources, capital and labor that created it. Precious metals (such as gold) didn’t need to be backed by anything because they maintained...
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    Lol, which part do you believe to be false?
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    Bitcoin is backed by digital energy. Miners require energy inputs to produce new coins. Companies like Vespene can take methane from landfills run it through a generator and can literally turn waste into an appreciating asset via a carbon negative process. That seems to be one very useful...
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    The polite way to say STFU and give me your money
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    Minnesota & Fleck

    UMN paid $50k to WKU for "row the boat". It's too bad they seem to be rowing the wrong way.
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    Is Jacobson one and done at ISU?

    Yuck. How about Jared Homan with a jump shot?
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    Ugh! Nader traded to the Thunder

    I think those dunks could turn anyone into a heathen.
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    Ugh! Nader traded to the Thunder

    "Jesus Christ, Duley" - Steve Prohm (probably)
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    Let the wheel decide your bracket My first spin of the wheel...
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    **** Iowa

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    POLL: Besides Monte, who is MVP of Iowa State basketball?

    Burton is this years match up nightmare. If he shows up focused on both ends of the floor, the sky is the limit for this team.