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  1. burn587

    *** Official Pittsburgh vs IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Seriously, not that our shots are close but that had to be the rim they were working on. It sounds like it has a dead spot or isn’t tensioned properly.
  2. burn587

    *** Official Pittsburgh vs IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Pep band being cringey as ****.
  3. burn587

    New Pod: One on one with Matt Campbell

    I actually found this to be one of the more frustrating Campbell podcasts. I don’t expect him to throw the prior offensive staff under the bus, but he can just say “I don’t want to speak badly about the prior coaches.” Listening to him you would think they were fired for no good reason at all...
  4. burn587

    *** Official IOWA STATE vs #10 Baylor Game(Day) Thread ***

    Anyone have a good radio streaming link?
  5. burn587

    Hard to not like the draw for ISU here

    I’m more concerned about having to beat the same team two games in a row than having to beat the same team 3 times in a season.
  6. burn587

    AI has gone far enough

  7. burn587

    49ers - Brock Purdy

    That wouldn’t even be considered news on buzz feed.
  8. burn587

    49ers - Brock Purdy

    Agreed. I saw this posted on Facebook but saw nothing on so very clearly not confirmed.
  9. burn587

    49ers - Brock Purdy

    It was ruled a fumble so it should’ve gone down as a strip sack. God damn they have advanced stats on everything these days.
  10. burn587

    49ers - Brock Purdy

    Seems like a good time to post this time when a random dude eviscerated Reggie on Twitter:
  11. burn587

    NFC Championship: 49ers @ Eagles

    If it’s the elbow it was probably the way he torqued it while following through while his wrist was held back.
  12. burn587

    NFC Championship: 49ers @ Eagles

    Not a play call the Niners should call. Slow developing play that counts on a backup TE blocking their best pass rusher.
  13. burn587

    Austin Flynn Interview - Tornado Hit's Hometown

    His QB career was destroyed by the worst o-line play I’ve ever seen at ISU. Those guys on the 03 line should’ve been charged as accessories to murder the way they let him get hit every play. After that it seemed like he was always hearing footsteps. It was awesome how he turned it around to...
  14. burn587

    David Montgomery free agency

    Hopefully somewhere with a good offensive line. The guy deserves to have someone block for him for the first time in his career.
  15. burn587

    Adult Swim fires voice of Rick & Morty

    I’m conflicted on the show moving forward at this point. Harmon is an amazing writer, but the past two seasons have been ok at best and not really showing signs of improvement. I’d almost prefer to see it go out now than continue to decline.
  16. burn587

    49ers - Brock Purdy

    I’m not an advanced stats guy, and not saying they don’t have their place….but advanced stats somehow made the argument that Adam Dunn wasn’t a complete garbage heap of a baseball player. QB play isn’t that hard to judge: complete a high percentage of passes, score TDs, don’t turn the ball...
  17. burn587

    49ers - Brock Purdy

    He’s flat out said he felt like he had to make the plays at ISU to win, which to me alludes that he didn’t have the line and to a lesser extent receivers to count on to be able to “live to fight another day.” I don’t quite buy it since Breece was always a threat to bust one no matter what, but...
  18. burn587

    49ers - Brock Purdy

    It would be 77-0 Bears. Every single player on an NFL roster was a great college player. Their backups are better than Georgia starters except for maybe 2-3 spots. It’s a dumb premise in the first place, I remember growing up in Ames the joke was always that Ames High could beat ISU in football...
  19. burn587

    49ers - Brock Purdy

    I just love to picture Kirk having to deal with him at Iowa. With as much as Kirk hates any player with a personality Kittle had to have driven him nuts.