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    New Uniforms Revealed

    Shoes maybe?
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    I had 58

    I had 58
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    Mpls TV Station Reporting tonight on Jack Trice Death

    See if this link plays the whole thing.
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    Kamilo Tongamoa Commits

    I saw something on Twitter recently that mentioned Oregon dismissing their co-DC and working on the process of doing it for cause. That cannot hurt our case here.
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    Parking lot selection -- anyone get their time assignment yet?

    4/28 10:30 went Captain this year.
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    New 2018 prospect gets ISU offer

    Meeker was from Prairie and Good-Jones from Wash.
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    Walking Dead

    My guess is he'll be seen again as a walker and end up "killed" by a baseball bat beating his head in.
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    Brun tweet

    So did a current QBs. Not the obvious one.
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    WTB: 2 SEZ Club Tickets

    I have mine listed on the Ticket Exchange on Won't be able to make it back from Dallas. There are a few others listed as well.
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    Win $1,000 on the game this week!

    37-13 ISU Daley
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    All aboard the Hype Train!! (nut cup not included)

    There will be a good group at The Fox and Hound (Midway and George Bush TP) watching.
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    Iowa State SEZ Tour

    Or room for 3,000 people.
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    Fitness watch recommendations?

    Since I don't do a lot of extra exercise outside of Crossfit, I love the Apple Watch. I am an Apple user(fanboy), have had it since first available, and still enjoy it. I previously used a Jawbone Up24 and a Nike Fuelband. The only thing I miss is the sleep tracking the Up24 provided.
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    SEZ Club Single Game Tickets Going on Sale

    I'm coming up from DFW and have two seats in this section. Seats are cheaper by purchasing them as a season ticket. I also picked my seats. I'm more than happy with this. Much better than letting 500-800 go empty holding to a season ticket only stance. I'm also guessing they are confident in the...
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    I can confirm this. It was great to meet you in Dallas last week. I enjoy the Podcasts and afternoon show. I have a bit different perspective as it is only competing against all Cowboys talk, all day. Keep doing what you're doing.
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    Thats my favorite spot. They have a great bottle shop too.
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    Just $1 for the Crowler here in DFW also. That is what makes is a "deal" compared to buying the glass growler. None of my normal spots have suffered the same fate as the place in Austin just yet. I'm sure it's coming. I have no doubt someone in big brewing pointed out the area of contention...
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    Parking assignment

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    Season ticket renewal numbers

    I am new STH for the SEZ, it's only 2 tickets and probably not representative of the whole. We look at the opportunity to come back home and visit with family/friends and make the game more of an event.
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    I have the same frustrations with having forced ads on a paid product. If it was any other service I would raise an issue. Since it is what it is and supports ISU I don't really spend much time getting upset over it. They do a great job for what it is and it is miles ahead of where it started.