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  1. Jnecker4cy

    August 6, 2020 update from Pollard

    Just checked and parking is not on my invoice anymore either. The $50 fee is totally gone. The current Invoice does not match the confirmation emailed receipt I got on May 26th. Very interesting. We will see, but this is not a normal thing from past years.
  2. Jnecker4cy

    Talk to me about property taxes in the Des Moines suburbs.

    Why? Are you talking taxes? Or other reasons?
  3. Jnecker4cy

    Beach Vacation

    I would Stay as South as possible. Southern Florida or San Diego. San Diego would need a car, more time. Look at the JW Marriott on Marco Island, FL. December weather can be cold in Georgia or Northern Florida. I would say Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama but that might be colder than...
  4. Jnecker4cy

    Backyard Wood Panel Privacy Fence

    My neighbor took down the chain link and put up a standard wood fence, he gave me the bad side. I see the post....I use his fence to hang my outdoor lights so I am making good use of the bad side.
  5. Jnecker4cy

    Insurance Refunds?

    Ask your companies to change you driver classification on your cars to pleasure use instead of work/ will save you a little money but not much. I am an independent Agent in Ankeny. Of our 15 mist used companies 13 are giving credits for April and May premiums. They vary but most...
  6. Jnecker4cy

    Will the Iowa State Fair happen this year?

    Plus I think the said today a decision would be made by Mid June. Tells me if they had to decide by today the answer would be a big NO....
  7. Jnecker4cy

    Will the Iowa State Fair happen this year?

    Polk County is one of 22 Counties not yet opened up, plus cases are surging in Polk County, until we open up the County the Fair is in I find it hard to believe it is going to happen. Plus, with the restrictions on restaurants, vendors at the fair cannot operate under current guidelines even in...
  8. Jnecker4cy

    Auto insurance rebates

    Yep, Companies with Commercial Business have much better pricing right now than those with only Personal Insurance. Home rates in Iowa have gone up quite a bit with almost all the insurance companies I write. Auto some but more consistant.
  9. Jnecker4cy

    Auto insurance rebates

    Home Insurance has been a huge money loser over the last 3 to 5 years. Auto Insurance still makes money, sure they lose but overall a money maker.
  10. Jnecker4cy

    Auto insurance rebates

    It is goodwill for the Auto Insurance Companies. Home Insurance is where companies are losing money. Iowa already has the lowest auto insurance rates of any State.
  11. Jnecker4cy

    WBB: Senior day versus Baylor at noon on FSN

    Let's do this. Go Ladies Go.
  12. Jnecker4cy

    WBB: Senior day versus Baylor at noon on FSN

    Go ladies pull it off. Way to go Cyclones.
  13. Jnecker4cy

    Concussion Protocal

    I was at the game he should have never come back in he was clearly dazed. I thought the ref was going to not allow him back in but he did.
  14. Jnecker4cy

    Thad Matta - ISU Head Coach next year

    I happen to be of the opinion that both may have stayed if the had a better relationship with the coach. JMHO
  15. Jnecker4cy

    Thad Matta - ISU Head Coach next year

    Sounds great, but IMO something ain't right in Denmark. Why did we lose Ben Carlson to Wisconsin?
  16. Jnecker4cy

    Thad Matta - ISU Head Coach next year

    Fine, take Lard out of the conversation. Why did bot THT and Wiggs leave. Both League Guys who may never make the NBA. Why not developer 1 more year in College? They choose that over CSP. I ask Why. Why has he seemed to butt heads with so many players while here. Why?
  17. Jnecker4cy

    Thad Matta - ISU Head Coach next year

    I am not a fan of CSP because I think he has underperformed or just been plain awful each and everyone of his seasons here. Maybe THT and Lard and Wiggs left because they did not like the coach. All 3 should probably still be here, none are. Why is that?
  18. Jnecker4cy

    This is why Prohm must go........

    He is a Center only because he is tall. He shoots more 3's in High School than shoots in the paint. He is a stretch 4 with not much of an inside game. He is not the answer for rebounding and toughness. He may be an answer for a three point shooter though.
  19. Jnecker4cy

    INSTANT REACTION: West Virginia 76, Iowa State 61

    Neither did our guys.......
  20. Jnecker4cy

    WBB: Cyclones vs Mountain Mamas at 1:00 p.m. ESPNU

    We played a pretty bad game and West Virginia played well, Joens played like 20 minutes or so, never a factor, we missed 11 free throws......we lost by 8. Considering all the above it should have been a 20 plus point loss. Our girls in general do need to play tougher, be tougher but today...