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    Is Brock Purdy the most clutch player in the state of Iowa's history?

    I’d take Andy Brodell over Purdy.
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    Ray Lima Retires

    Another Cyclone going pro in something other than sports.
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    FB roster update

    Going pro in something other than sports?
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    North Shore MN recommendations

    Glad you said it: if you drive up from Duluth to Grand Marais you might as well go to Canada; it’s a 2 hour drive. Tettegouche and Baptism River are the most fun swimming holes on the way up, if the temps are okay. Superior will put your marbles in your throat until August, however.
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    I called two contacts who summer in Summit County this week. Each said that distancing is strictly enforced and Breckinridge is nearly all outdoor seating. We have a family vacation planned for August and are still a “go”. Just make sure you hydrate heavily before you ascend to 9k feet.
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    Has anyone here been laid off?

    What sort of sweat shop did you begin working in under the age of 10?
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    2021 Football Targets

    Is that within CMC’s four hour radius? Perhaps Gilbert has a few warm bodies to round out the recruiting class.
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    New Mortgage Question

    Because we all have those friends making 8-figures who can’t secure a loan. That kind of money is so difficult to document. 6 or 7-figure is a different story.
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    Pollard in Washington Post on football

    Well, the endowment isn’t $1.1 billion anymore due to market fluctuations. And the advertised spend rate for most endowments is 5%, so even drawing more is still going to make any budget difficult. Endowment dollars at any institution are very unlikely to support athletics.
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    Offensive Coordinator Grant Rohach

    The opposite. Mt. Marty needs butts in seats to pay tuition. They built a new athletic complex recently with a football field.
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    Iowa Football Recruiting

    Boy, can’t wait for Brecht to shove and bury Iowa State the mound and the gridiron. Especially to stick to to Pollard, the AD who doesn’t hire women. Proving once again, 70% of the state’s smartest individuals are Iowa grads.
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    Iowa fans rubbing in cyclone fans faces how many get drafted..

    Iowa had two players drafted this evening. Don’t want the OP to get too far behind in the numbers.
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    Barta Extended!

    My wife was a student athlete at Iowa. I do care about women's athletics and equity in coaching.
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    Barta Extended!
  15. F

    Barta Extended!

    Female administrators and coaches have certainly noticed.
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    Barta Extended!

    Barta supports equity by hiring female head coaches. Not every university in the state can say that.
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    Social Distancing

    As of this evening, 6 of 22 individuals diagnosed with COVID-19 in Johnson County have recovered with no new cases today. It won’t last, but good to celebrate for the moment. My dad is a physician, my sister a Trauma 1 nurse, and brother in-law a third year med student. We FaceTimed my dad and...
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    Natural Grass vs Artificial/Field Turf

    I, for one, welcome our Hawkeye overlords.
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    Viking-inspired pub opening in East Village Des Moines on July 31

    One should always be prepared for a letdown with “Vikings” in the name. Speaking from 29 years of experience.
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    Doyle cost Epenesa millions

    Absolutely I’m saying that. King was never going to replicate his 8 interception season when teams could throw on the other side. Josh Jackson’s performance the following year confirms that, similar to Amani Hooker: go get paid when your measurables are tapped out.