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  1. WooBadger18

    NFL: ***2020 NFL Season Thread***

    Let's go Browns
  2. WooBadger18

    If CMC retired today

    Well this is definitely a new take on CMC leaving. But please, his passion is dodge juggling
  3. WooBadger18

    Friday OT - Slogan Your 2020

    If you liked blue dress vs. gold dress and yanny vs. laurel, you'll love "It was uncomfortable" vs. "No, it hurt"
  4. WooBadger18

    Friday OT - Slogan Your 2020

    2020: When March lasted more than 300 days
  5. WooBadger18

    Friday OT - Slogan Your 2020

    “You don’t want to leave your apartment because your relationship ended and you don’t like your job? That’s fine, you can’t do it anyway because there’s a ******* pandemic” Little bit wordy, but pretty good first draft Edit: I have a shorter, better, copyright-infringing version: “This is the...
  6. WooBadger18

    Expand the Playoff... and here's how

    But does it really matter how many bowls there are? If I don't care about a bowl like the Motel 6 Bowl in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, then I don't watch it. But what does it matter if it exists?
  7. WooBadger18

    Expand the Playoff... and here's how

    I just don't know what waiting until after the bowl season does for you except expand the season (and I think at that point there's a question about whether it's too long of a season). But that's why I do like the solution of having an 8 team playoff (5 p-5 auto bids), 2 at-larges, best g5 rep)...
  8. WooBadger18

    Expand the Playoff... and here's how

    Yeah, this is the format that I like the best. The only thing I would tweak is keeping the traditional bowl tie-in's for the first round. So Pac-12 and Big 10 always play in the Rose Bowl in the first round, Big 12 is always in the Cotton Bowl or Fiesta Bowl 1st round, SEC in Sugar and ACC in...
  9. WooBadger18

    Time to DX the Iowa game?

    No, most P5 teams are probably scheduled out that far (or close to it). I think Wisconsin is scheduled out through 2032 or something like that. I disagree with BDK that we wouldn’t be able to schedule home and homes with other P5 teams. I think we could, but just due to schedules it probably...
  10. WooBadger18

    TX fires Herman

    Nevermind Pants, this is the one I was thinking of
  11. WooBadger18

    TX fires Herman

    I hope it's Sark, but I don't know why you do that if you're Texas. Herman didn't do that badly at Texas, so you'd need it to be someone that was a definite upgrade. I don't know that Sarkisian is that
  12. WooBadger18

    TX fires Herman
  13. WooBadger18

    ***Bowl Games Thread***

    I've definitely seen it before by other players in other games. I think it is ice in the veins
  14. WooBadger18

    ***Bowl Games Thread***

    Great, which one is it? But I don't know that JP would definitively know that